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10 Hamilton Watch Party Commandments

July 1, 2020 by Abby Bien
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A live filming of the Broadway musical Hamilton comes to Disney+ on July 3. Inviting people as cool as Lin-Manuel Miranda, Leslie Odom Jr., and Phillipa Soo into your house (via screen) is a serious cause for celebration. Enter: the Ten Party Commandments. Check them out below.

Number One
The Challenge: Technology

The first thing you’ve got to do is get access to a Disney+ account. We don’t care how you do it or whether it’s your account or your dad’s enemy’s daughter’s account. Just make sure you’re ready to watch once the show’s out on July 3.

Number Two
Grab a Friend (Virtually)

While going to a show solo is truly one of our fave ways to experience theater (and a party is a party no matter how small), it’ll be super fun to freak out with friends during this show. And since you’re watching Broadway at home, you can talk and singalong and cry and laugh as much and as loud as you want. Kind of the dream situation, no?

If you’re not able to physically watch with friends or fam, Google Chrome has a new add-on that lets you stream Disney+ shows as a group. That way you’re still able to have that intermission chat — even if it’s not while you’re in that never-ending theater bathroom line.

Number Three
Meet Face-to-Face with Food

Okay now that we’ve got the logistics covered, let’s talk food. There’s nothing quite like a pre-show meal. We scoured the Internet for easy, delicious, and (most importantly) punny recipes that you can whip up as fast as Daveed Diggs can rap. Because you can start the show whenever you want, we thought it’d be fun to add both pre-show breakfast and dinner treats to the menu.

For breakfast, may we suggest A(n Avocado) Toast to the Groom
with a side of How the (Breakfast) Sausage Gets Made. If you’re feeling like watching the show a bit later, the Aaron Burr-ger with a side of Satis-fries is one of our favorites.

Number Four
Time to Get Some Drinks

In order to nail your part in “Cabinet Battle #1” and “Cabinet Battle #2” — you’re going to need a drink. If you’re going to be day drinking, we love a Bloody Bloody (Mary) Andrew Jackson or the classic (Mimosa) Toast to the Bride. If your party is more of an evening moment, you could go with a Hurricane, Manhattan, or a refreshing Samuel Adams.

Under 21? Why not try The Shirley Sister.

Number Five
Pick a Place to Lie in Your PJs

Let’s be honest: you’re not dressing up for this watch party. We could give you ideas on how to be your best Aaron Burr or Angelica or we could be honest with everyone and recommend that you wear your PJs. You’ll be at home. You probably haven’t put on real clothes in months. And there will never be another chance to wear sweatpants to a Broadway show.

If this is not leaving you satisfied, you can always throw a blanket over your shoulders and BOOM! You’re King George III.

Number Six
Pray These Decorations Look OK

If you’re planning to watch the movie right when it comes out, we’re kind of running out of time. Never fear, Etsy is here. There are tons of downloadable decorations that you can get for cheap. Check out these watch party posters, Cricut cutouts for crafty folks, and photo booth props. If anything, you can always grab gold and black streamers and balloons at any store near you.

And if you want to make this more of an event in the future, we love these
photo props, popcorn bags, and this party pack you can order on Etsy.

Number Seven
Confess Your Thoughts on Twitter

Lin-Manuel Miranda is kind of the King of Twitter. Even if you don’t usually spend a lot of time on social media — first of all, good for you — it might be fun to hop online when you’re watching Hamilton. There’s sure to be thousands of tweets with everyone’s thoughts and GIFs and more. Other good accounts to check out for all-things Hamilton film? Hamilton, Leslie Odom Jr., Phillipa Soo, Renée Elise Goldsberry, Jasmine Cephas Jones, Christopher Jackson, Anthony Ramos, and TodayTix (sorry not sorry). If you’re tweeting along too, make sure you use the #Hamilton hashtag for the cutest emoji you ever did see.

Number Eight
See If You Can Get These Facts Straight

Once your watch party is over and before you inevitably press “play” and start the show again — we’ve got a fun challenge for you. It’s time to see how much your friends and fam know about how much of Hamilton is factual and how much is theatrical. Let the competition begin.

Number Nine
Summon the Courage to Sing

See Lin-Manuel Miranda looking so cool with a mic? That could be you. You’ve just spent the past two hours in the audience and now it’s time for the spotlight. It’s the perfect moment to take the stage! You’re full. You’ve maybe got a drink in you. And you’ve just gotten to test your lyric knowledge by watching the entirety of Hamilton. Throw this karaoke playlist up on the TV screen; we’ll be Burr and you be Hamilton.

Number Ten
What Did You Miss?

There’s nothing quite like musical theater, right? Hamilton is on Disney+ forever and it will be back on Broadway and beyond. Set an alert now to be reminded when tix are available and get excited to be back in the theater again soon.

Set an alert for Hamilton tix in New York City, London, and Sydney.