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Here’s What’s Weird and Wonderful in NYC This Weekend (Oct. 19-21)

October 19, 2018 by CJ Schwartz
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Oh hello there, wonderful weirdos! It may be brisk out there but resist the urge to cozy up inside your sweater/hide out with your cat all weekend and join us at these weird and wonderful happenings this weekend in New York City. We’ve got plays, musicals, tours, and more – oh my!

Gossip Girl Sites Tour
Manhattan, Upper East Side

If you think brunching and then going on a bus tour is for tourists, we feel like you’re missing out on a v. quintessential NYC experience which is this Gossip Girl Sites Tour. Sit on the Met Steps where Blair sat. Pass the Vera Wang boutique where she tried on her wedding gown. See where Dan helped Vanessa shop for Nate at Dylan’s Candy Bar. Saunter around Grand Central Terminal where Serena was spotted returning to NYC in the first episode. Dressing up is optional but hilarious photo-ops are not. xoxo Gossip TodayTix


Plot Points in Our Sexual Development
Manhattan, Lincoln Center

Last week we recommended The List – a show that asks the question “what would your exes say about you?” This show is actually thematically similar, but instead of looking at one character through the eyes of their exes, it explores the conversation between a couple who are revealing their sexual past to each other. It’s also a contemporary queer love story, and honestly, the world needs more queer love stories onstage. So are you ready to dive into a beautifully crafted piece about intimacy, gender, and the dangers of revealing yourself to the person you love? Take the leap…

Manhattan, Columbus Circle
Opera, Experimental

Think opera is stuffy? Think again because “Marnie” is anything but. This new opera is:

  1. By classical darling Nico Muhly – who just happens to be the youngest composer to ever have an opera at the Met, aka in English and modern AF.
  2. Based on a novel about a mysterious young woman who assumes multiple identities, aka sexy.
  3. Inspired visually by Alfred Hitchcock’s adaptation of the same novel, aka fast-paced and visually on-point.

So, to review: young cool composer + sexy storyline + cool visuals = “Marnie”

Rags Parkland Sings the Songs of the Future
Manhattan, Downtown
Theater, Musical

If you like your musicals from the Golden Age, this is not the show for you. But if you like a side of sci-fi with your evening of musical rebellion, get tickets ASAP because they’re selling out fast. “Rags Parkland” is sort of a concert, sort of not, and more than sort of awesome. We don’t usually include review quotes in #WeirdandWonderful but, come on, how can we not tell you that the New York Times said this is “A show for men, women, and any sentient robots passing through.”


The Thanksgiving Play
Manhattan, Midtown

Bold plays really have the power to get the tough conversations going and that’s exactly the vibe of Larissa FastHorse’s wickedly funny new satire, “The Thanksgiving Play,” premiering at Playwright’s Horizons. The premise of this play, you ask? A troupe of “woke” teaching artists scrambles to create a pageant that somehow manages to celebrate both Turkey Day and Native American Heritage Month. Buckle up and pass the gravy!

Black Light
Manhattan, Downtown
Musical, Concert

Looking for sultry jazz vibes for days? Look no further because Jomama — the dazzling alter-ego of playwright and performer Daniel Alexander Jones — and her rockin’ ensemble of musicians and back-up singers will have you under their spell. We’re not saying this show is *literally* magic but it is a pretty up-close and personal experience.

Broadway and Ballet Hero Awards
Manhattan, Downtown
Concert, Benefit

Honestly we can’t even say anything sassy about this because it’s just a great concert for a great cause. See Broadway stars and Ballet stars come together to support HERO. Now in their seventh year HERO – HIV Experience Resources Organization has been dedicated to helping newly diagnosed and people living with HIV/AIDS through resources and support. 100 percent of the proceeds of this concert will go to paying for desperately needed equipment to help HERO keep doing what they do.