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Here’s What’s Weird and Wonderful in NYC This Weekend (June 29 – July 1)

June 28, 2018 by CJ Schwartz
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Looking for the most wonderful and wonderfully weird events happening this weekend? Look no further because we’ve got a queer AF Broadway musical, a trippy M.C. Escher exhibit, the real life “Pitch Perfect,” and more for you in this week’s roundup of weird and wonderful events in NYC. So throw on your summer outfit of choice, grab those sunnies, and let’s go!

Escher: The Exhibition and Experience
Brooklyn, Industry City
Museum, Interactive, Art

Remember that cool image you once saw in an art history class of two hands drawing each other? It’s literally called “Drawing Hands,” FYI, and it’s by Dutch graphic artist M.C. Escher who created amazing mathematically-inspired art. He’s most known for pieces like “Drawing Hands,” which have a seeming impossibility to them. Whether you’re an Escher expert or novice, you’ll want to get over to Industry City in Brooklyn pronto to check out the new Escher Exhibition and Experience. It’s the perfect mix of art and interactive elements and also you can go to Avocaderia — the world’s first Avocado Bar for breakfast or lunch. So, basically, smash some avocado deliciousness in your face and take cool selfies in the name of art.


Head Over Heels
Manhattan, Midtown
Musical, Broadway

When you put all the elements of this musical on paper, it sounds insane, but it’s actually insanely awesome. First of all, it’s part jukebox musical with a score by 1980s lady band fave The Go-Go’s. (If you’ve seen “Rugrats in Paris,” it’s likely you still have the song “Vacation” stuck in your head. No, just us?) Second of all, it stars Peppermint of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” fame, and yes she’s amazing and yes she’s also the first trans-woman to originate a principal role in a Broadway musical. Third of all, it’s a hilarious Elizabethan romp that’s colorful, sexy, and celebratory all at once. If you have any pre-conceived notions that Broadway is stuffy or not for you, this musical will set you straight.


The Let Go
Manhattan, Upper East Side
Installation, Performance Art, Dance

This is one of those experiences where you can Instagram your little heart out, and when you leave, you’ll feel emotionally overwhelmed and refreshed and odd and excited all at once. Interdisciplinary artist Nick Cave (no, not that rock band Nick Cavethis Nick Cave) has created a dance-based town hall — part installation, part performance, and wholly original. Discuss the meaning of it all (because there’s a lot to unpack!) down the street at Le Botaniste over some quirky vegan fare and a glass of wine. Don’t miss out because “The Let Go” closes this weekend!


Whipped Cream
Manhattan, Lincoln Center
Dance, Ballet

When we say “whipped cream,” what do you think of? Sundaes? Pancakes? What about amazing ballet? Take a walk on the sweet side with “Whipped Cream” at American Ballet Theatre. If you’re worried about not getting the plot, don’t be because it’s simple (though the emotional quality, surreal designs, and fancy footwork are anything but). As the story goes, in order to escape his doctors, a young boy in a hospital dreams of Princess Praline and her entourage of dancing sweets. Honestly, this is a ballet that families, Bumble dates, and besties will all enjoy.


The International Championship of A Cappella Open
Manhattan, Upper East Side
A Capella, Concert, Competition

There’s nothing better we can say about this than the truth: See the real-life “Pitch Perfect” in person. For real though. The International Championship of A Cappella Open is an all-access a cappella tournament that encourages singers to bring together groups of any age, experience, or origin to form a cappella “dream teams” and compete for the chance to perform at Carnegie Hall for a cash prize of $25,000. The Northeast Semifinal will feature nine of the best a cappella groups in the northeast so you know they’re on point. If you’ve already contemplated re-watching “Pitch Perfect” the moment we mentioned it, this is the perfect event for you.