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Here’s What’s Weird and Wonderful in NYC This Weekend (July 13-15)

July 13, 2018 by Geri Silver
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It’s officially the middle of July, and what have you done to live it up this summer? What is it you said? Travelled to Hawaii, backpacked through Europe, chilled at a beach, drank champagne in the park, and curled up on the couch with Netflix? Well, whatever. You haven’t lived until you’ve checked out these weird and wonderful events, so here’s our weekly digest of experiences that are sure to spice up your summer nights.

From a nostalgic concert of 2000s hits to a high-energy Broadway comedy, here’s what you can’t miss this weekend.

BLANK! The Musical
Manhattan, Midtown
Improv, Music, Comedy

Will it be weird? Definitely. Will it be wonderful? For sure. That’s all we can promise for “BLANK! The Musical,” the wild and hilarious improvised musical that’s taken Off-Broadway by storm. With no script, no rehearsal, and no idea what will happen, audience members play a role in unlocking each night’s craziest and most delightful potential. Whether you’re a musical maven, an improv aficionado, or simply a fan of having a good-ass time, we highly recommend this predictably unpredictable experience.


Spongebob Squarepants
Manhattan, Midtown
Broadway, Musical, Comedy, Family-Friendly, Good for Groups

“SpongeBob Squarepants” is undoubtedly one of the most colorful musicals to hit Broadway, and we can honestly say: We’re obsessed. This cartoon-to-stage adaptation is quirky, lovable, and creative, with plenty of heart and charm for theatergoers of all ages. And with a Tony Award-winning design team, visionary director Tina Landau, and original songs from an eclectic mix of A-listers including David Bowie, Plain White T’s, Sara Bareilles, and John Legend, “SpongeBob Squarepants” reaches peak musical theater magic that will knock your socks off. See it before it closes on September 16.


54 Sings Pop Hits of the 2000s
Manhattan, Midtown
Concert, Nostalgia

If you find yourself addicted to BuzzFeed articles about Britney and Justin’s break-up, Avril Lavigne’s wardrobe, and “High School Musical,” you’ll feel right at home at 54 Sings Pop Hits of the 2000s. You’ll hear the classics of an iconic decade — no MP3 player or iPod shuffle required — all while getting to enjoy 54 Below’s signature cocktails and delicious cabaret eats (we recommend the mac & cheese).


Rap Guide to Consciousness
Manhattan, Downtown
Play, New Work

This New York Times Critics’ Pick melds theater, hip hop, comedy, and science for a night of genre-bending, mind-blowing performance. See the picture above? That’ll be your brain after experiencing this one-of-a-kind performance at the SoHo Playhouse.


TV Dinner at Brooklyn Comedy Collective
Brooklyn, Williamsburg
Comedy, Improv

You won’t need microwaved mystery meat at your TV dinner with Brooklyn Comedy Collective, a weekly improv show featuring a rotating cast of acclaimed and up-and-coming comedy pros. Wear your coolest flannel and hipster glasses (no prescription necessary) when you head to the heart of Williamsburg for this Thursday night laughfest, and with tickets from only $5, you can skip the Cup of Noodles and splurge on a delicious dinner at one of the neighborhoods hot restaurants before the 10:30PM show.


Broadway’s Rising Stars
Manhattan, Midtown
Concert, Broadway

Whether or not you’ve caught on to the theater world’s cultural obsession with the Jimmy Awards, an annual competition highlighting high school theater talent, one thing’s for sure: It’s always satisfying to say “I saw them before they were big.” Check out Broadway’s Rising Stars at Town Hall and you can stan for a new generation of unbelievable musical theater talent. Whether you want to hear someone belt like Elphaba or ham it up like Dolly Levi, these all-star recent grads will make you psyched for the future of Broadway.