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Here’s What’s Weird and Wonderful in NYC (March 15 Edition)

March 14, 2019 by CJ Schwartz
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Happy (Merry?) Ides of March, thrillseekers — hopefully you’re having better luck than Julius Caesar on this fine Friday. Assassinations aside, we’re back and ready to rumble with another #flawless list of all things Weird and Wonderful in NYC. We know that our offerings can get pretty…non-traditional, and we’re keeping that same energy this week. A musical about skincare sponsored by Olay? Absolutely. A pop-opera with performances hosted in a real church? Of course. Read on, prosper, and get weird.

The Road to Glow
Manhattan, Midtown
Musical, Comedy

It’s a musical about skin care — what’s not to love? “The Road to Glow” (sponsored by Olay, because who the heck else would help us sing about glowing skin?) is a one-night-only musical that follows Steph and her friends on a fantastically hilarious journey to find their glow. All tickets are being distributed for free via TodayTix Lottery, and you can enter now to win tickets for April 9th.


Be More Chill
Manhattan, Midtown
Broadway, Musical

What if popularity came in a pill? “Be More Chill” is the story of Jeremy, a high schooler who achieves instant popularity thanks to a mysterious new piece of technology. What could possibly go wrong?

Manhattan, Downtown
Immersive, Musical

It’s a pop opera. In a church. “BARE” follows a group of students at a Catholic boarding school as they grapple with their sexuality, identity, and the future.

Winter Might Be Coming: The Unofficial Thrones Tour
Manhattan, Uptown

This extremely unofficial Thrones tour of the Met is for enthusiasts and dabblers alike. Stroll around the museum, take in some of George R.R. Martin’s most famous inspiration, and bask in the Thrones glory. See you there, nerds.

Brooklyn, Williamsburg

An immersive journey into the world of dreams in a secret location in Williamsburg? No, it’s not an episode of “Broad City” it’s an actual show called “Nocturnes” and it runs April 4-7 only. You won’t wanna miss this dreamy experience.

Manhattan, Downtown

Music meets comedy meets drag at this one-of-a-kind variety show where the audience is encouraged to get up and mingle with the performers. All of this is really just an invitation to “get your freak on,” if you will.

A Jewish Joke
Manhattan, Midtown
Off-Broadway, Play

This award-winning show tells the story of a Jewish screenwriter’s experience during the Communist blacklist in 1950s Hollywood. Come for the surprisingly poingnant story, stay for the wealth of distinctly Jewish humor.