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Here’s What’s Weird and Wonderful in NYC (Dec. 7 Edition)

December 7, 2018 by CJ Schwartz
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Winter cons: It’s cold and gets dark at like 4:30PM. Winter pros: There’s amazing weird and wonderful events and also hats with pom poms on them. Get in the spirit with an intense performance art piece uptown, Ruben and Clay (yes, that Ruben and Clay) on Broadway (seriously!), and also Taylor Mac. Let’s get weird.

The Head & the Load
Manhattan, Uptown
Installation, Performance Art, Concert

This 90-minute multimedia collage by renowned South African artist, William Kentridge, will leave you in a spectacular existential funk. A new piece commissioned by Park Avenue Armory, “The Head & the Load” explores World War I Africa and the casualties of African “carriers” – men who carried the supplies necessary for war on their shoulders (literally) and collapsed from disease and exhaustion. Whether you’re familiar with the African theater of WWI, William Kentridge’s previous work, or neither, this is an exceptionally unique piece of art now playing at Park Avenue Armory.


One Woman Sex and the City
Manhattan, Midtown
Parody, Comedy

On a lighter note – you can also check out this hilarious show that’s basically exactly what you’d expect but also better.  “One Woman Sex and the City” will remind you exactly why we love “Sex and the City” even if many of the episodes feel dated. The characters are beloved for a reason and you’ll be reminded just why we love them so freakin’ much in this 90-minute romp.

Improv Asylum Mainstage
Manhattan, Downtown
Comedy, Improv

Boston Improv staple, Improv Asylum,  just opened up shop in NYC in UCB Theatre’s old downtown space. In their Main Stage Show, Improv Asylum house teams combine interactive improv sets with hilarious, topical sketches. We’ve been racking our brains for an asylum-themed pun but honestly are totally failing so we’ll leave the comedy to the pros.


Ruben & Clay’s First Annual Christmas Show
Manhattan, Midtown
Concert, Holiday

This is not a drill because yes, you read that correctly, Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken of “American Idol” fame are doing a concert on Broadway this holiday season and any self-respecting ’90s/2000’s bb needs to go like right now. There will be songs. There will be jokes. There will be banter. There will be people like us in the audience with their Clay Aiken sweatshirts on screlting and crying from laughter, joy, and the amazing absurdity of it all.

Taylor Mac’s Holiday Sauce
Manhattan, Midtown
Concert, Experimental

Taylor Mac is a 2017 MacArthur Fellow, a Pulitzer Prize finalist, and tbh one of the world’s leading theater artists. “Holiday Sauce” celebrates the holiday season in all of its dysfunction and whether you’ve been in love with Mac’s work for years or this would be your intro – tis the season for tinsel, magic, and Taylor Mac #sleighingit.

Oh F*ck It’s Christmas
Hudson Valley
Concert, Jazz

If you haven’t caught on to this yet, we’re very obsessed with the Fisher Center at Bard and also with Lea DeLaria so this is a no-brainer for us. This very special and extra sassy concert of holiday favorites will definitely get you in the holiday spirit. Wondering what DeLaria’s jazz sounds like? We love that the Guardian says she “talks like a coffee grinder, and sounds like a cross between Ella Fitzgerald and a Broadway diva.” Yep, we’re very into that.