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Here’s What’s Weird and Wonderful in NYC (Aug. 30 Edition)

August 30, 2019 by Abby Bien
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How would we describe our perfect Labor Day weekend? Easy. We’d start off with a drag queen brunch (because, duh), make our way to Governors Island for an immersive art installation, and end the night with a meal — in the dark. Is that not how everyone celebrates the end of summer? Weird. They’re missing out.

Drag Brunch by Voss Events
Midtown, Manhattan
Drag, Food & Drink

Your Sunday mimosa is in need of a makeover. Unleash your inner diva alongside wild performances and special “RuPaul’s Drag Race” guests — from the comfort of your VIP seats.

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Governors Island, Manhattan
Art Installation, Immersive

Discover Margaret’s mind and celebrate her 65th birthday in this intimate examination of Alzheimer’s; witness the process of forgetting and what happens when our minds are no longer our own.

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Bushwick, Brooklyn
Cabaret, Magic, Comedy

Join magicians and mind readers, aerialists and comedians, jugglers, and more for an unforgettable night at House of Yes.

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Theatre In The Dark: Carpe Diem
Midtown, Manhattan
Multi-Sensory, Food & Drink

Smell, taste, and touch your way through this nourishing ode to the present moment, and let it awaken your autonomous sensory meridian responses.

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Liszt: Poetic and Religious Harmonies
Greenwood Heights, Brooklyn

Two pianists tackle ten epic, finger-bending movements by Franz Liszt, bringing their unique talents together for 90 minutes of sheer, sublime wonder.

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Escape Virtuality
Downtown, Manhattan
Virtual Reality

Go beyond the headsets into a whole new virtual world. What will you do when the subway is about to crash, the ghosts are going to escape, or the galaxy is on the verge of destruction?

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Midtown, Manhattan
Interactive, Dance

The answer to inefficiency is not more work, it’s play. Join this interactive dance-theater piece and celebrate the importance of radical play in our society.

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