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Go Inside TodayTix Presents Beetlejuice Black & White Ball

October 23, 2019 by Suzy Evans
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Eddie Perfect (Photographed by Jenny Anderson)

From a boy band to a cult leader, many songs (and plot lines) were left on the cutting room floor before “Beetlejuice” made it to Broadway, but on Monday night, we ventured to the Underworld to uncover the songs that never made it to the stage.

TodayTix Presents Beetlejuice Black & White Ball was an evening of raucous and revelry, as everyone descended the steps into Public Arts, which was transformed into a devilish hell. Portraits by Tony Award winner William Ivey Long hung around the walls, and revelers enjoyed custom cocktails including the Strange and Unusual, Beetle Gin and Juice, and Fuck Brigadoon (naturally).

Partygoers donned their black and white finest, from wedding dresses to tuxedos to full-blown Beetlejuice cosplay. Even the show’s star Sophia-Anne Caruso commented on how amazing everyone looked.

Composer/lyricist Eddie Perfect welcomed guests to the party and opened the show by performing “Gotta Get Out of This House,” a former Beetlejuice number about, as the title suggests, feeling trapped.

Two of the highlights of the evening came from characters and storylines that no longer come up in the Broadway musical. In early versions of the show, Otho, Delia’s guru, was a cult leader, and Kelvin Moon Loh brought down the house with his performance of “Cults” and his lycra outfit complete with a full-face mask and wings.

Kelvin Moon Loh (Photographed by Jenny Anderson)

The beloved (but banished) boy band Boy Inferno (Ryan Breslin, Elliott Mattox, Gilbert L. Bailey II, and Johnny Brantley III) reunited for their song “Everything Is Kinda Meh.”

Ryan Breslin, Elliott Mattox, Gilbert L. Bailey II, and Johnny Brantley III. (Photographed by Jenny Anderson)

The Lydia understudies, Presley Ryan and Dana Steingold, got their time to shine by performing some of Lydia’s cut songs. Ryan performed an extended version of “Invisible,” while Steingold sang “Goodbye Emily Deetz.” Caruso performed the song “Mamma Would,” and then joined her understudies for a trio (and sing-along) on the show’s power ballad “Dead Mom.”

Dana Steingold, Sophia Anne Caruso, Presley Ryan. (Photographed by Jenny Anderson)

After the performance, Shrunken Head Guy joined DJ Nickyyy New to provide the tunes for an epic Netherworld dance party. Check out more photos from the amazing day-o below!

Shrunken Head Guy and DJ Nickyyy New (Photographed by Jenny Anderson)
Dana Steingold (Photographed by Jenny Anderson)
Sophia Anne Caruso (Photographed by Jenny Anderson)