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Daniel Radcliffe Shares All the Rumors He’s Heard About Himself

September 6, 2018 by Suzy Evans
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In “The Lifespan of a Fact,” Daniel Radcliffe plays Jim Fingal, a fact-checker assigned to check a loosely reported essay by John D’Agata, played by Bobby Cannavale. Based on a true story (and subsequent book by real-life Fingal and D’Agata), the play explores the interplay of fact and fiction and the boundaries of artistic license. Previews begin at Studio 54 on Sept. 20.

We spent the morning with the cast, which also includes Tony winner and theater legend Cherry Jones as the magazine editor, and in honor of the play’s themes, we asked the cast to share the rumours they’ve heard reported about themselves.

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Daniel Radcliffe: How long do you have? I heard that my dogs were being walked by the SAS, which is, for anyone who doesn’t know is like the green berets. I heard that I had grown a foot in a month, which definitely wasn’t true. Still isn’t. I heard that I was getting special beer brewed by Belgian monks in a monastery. I heard that my assistant stands behind me when I’m putting makeup on in the mirror, and he holds the iPad with my lines on it so I can learn them, which wouldn’t even work because it would be backwards in the mirror. That’s just the ones that I’m remembering. I definitely know there’s more. But I have to say not for a while. These were all like in the middle of Potter, those kind of years. Not so much recently, which is nice .

Cherry Jones: I don’t want to say it because I don’t want to put it out there again! I was thinking about that the other day and how infuriating it is and how you feel like you’ve been somehow brutalized or stripped naked because you have no power to correct it really. It’s like in “Doubt,” gossip is like feathers in a pillow that you shake out into the world. You can never get them back.

Bobby Cannavale: I really can’t think of anything. I’m lucky, I just don’t think people care that much. There’s so much out there. I don’t think I’m somebody people search for dirt about.