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Betsy Wolfe and Drew Gehling Are Sweet as Pie

October 9, 2017 by TodayTix
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Betsy Wolfe and Drew Gehling met for the first time at a mutual friend’s birthday party at Glass House Tavern and “have been inseparable ever since,” Gehling says.

So it was easy to build onstage chemistry quickly. When Wolfe joined Waitress at the beginning of the summer, she and Gehling were “thrust together blind,” and their first meeting as co-stars was playing a game of “Head’s Up.”

Now the two of them are old pros in the roles of Dr. Pomatter and Jenna in the Sara Bareilles-scored Waitress. We chatted with the stars about falling in love onstage, their dream roles, and who loves pie more.

What’s the secret to falling in love onstage?
Drew Gehling: Listening and trust.
Betsy Wolfe: Being open and honest in the moment and not taking yourself too seriously.

Have you ever had any onstage mishaps during the show?
Drew: Regularly. They usually involve bumping teeth…
Betsy: The other day our Nurse Norma had a very accidental but hilarious line change, and Drew and I and the audience busted up for quite some time. It was one for the books. Moments like that you can’t plan, and it’s super juicy for the audience when they do happen.

Do you have any rituals together during the show?
Drew: None I can repeat.
Betsy: We tend to check in with each other during our fight/lift call, which happens 40 minutes prior to show. It’s quick, but it allows for us to engage before we’re onstage together.

Who likes pie more?
Drew: Me. Definitely me.
Betsy: Drew. Drew. Drew. That man is 99 percent sugar.

What other show would you love to do together?
Drew: We should do City of Angels!
Betsy: He’s so versatile so really it would be fun to brainstorm. He’s a rare combo of funny, charming and an incredible voice.

Betsy, why is Drew easy to fall in love with? Drew, why is Betsy easy to fall in love with?
Drew: She’s funny. A sense of humor is the most attractive quality in anyone, including a co-star.
Betsy: Being able to “fall in love” with a love interest and acting partner is the onstage ability to be very open in the moment and honest. Drew is always that. He’s so damn charming in this role. You kinda can’t help but adore him. I’m such a sucker for humor and since he’s funny on stage and off, he makes the onstage part very easy.

The Stage Lovers Game
We asked Betsy and Drew to answer the following questions for themselves and for the other person. Let’s see how well they did.

What is your go-to drink?
Betsy: Other than water? I can never turn down freshly squeezed OJ, but if we mean drink, drink, then…vodka /soda
Drew’s answer for Betsy: Vodka/soda

Drew: Vodka/soda with lime.
Betsy’s answer for Drew: I’m gonna say tequila.

How do you take your coffee?
Betsy: I’ve been rocking the Bulletproof Coffee thing for two years, and I love it. It’s clarified butter and MCT oil, but I use very little compared to what is recommended.
D for B: Don’t drink coffee?

Drew: Black or with honey…I know…
B for D: I think he’d order a coffee like this… “massive amounts of creamer with a splash of coffee” #sweettooth

What is your favorite food?
Betsy: I love steak and frites, but lately I’ve been obsessed with roasted brussel sprouts and guac. Or pretty much anything my man makes. I’m super spoiled — he’s such a good chef.
D for B: Cheese

Drew: Beef Wellington
B for D: I think he eats just about everything. I’m gonna say ANYTHING WITH SUGAR. Or Juniors.

What is your go-to outfit in a pinch?
Betsy: I wear one dress in the summer at least two times a week. It’s brightly colored, super comfy, and won’t fly up when you walk over subway grates. I can put it on in four seconds.
D for B: A flowy, flowery sundress

Drew: Whatever’s on my floor…
B for D: He usually is running before shows so I often see him in workout clothes, but when he cleans up, he cleans up nice. 🙂

What is your dream role?
Betsy: Ooohhhhh, it hasn’t been written I’m sure.
D for B: Anything opposite Drew Gehling

Drew: Stine in City of Angels
B for D: Playing ANY role opposite Betsy Wolfe is the first thing that will come out of his mouth, I’m sure.

What is your dream vacation?
Betsy: Maldives and Italy are a close tie.
D for B: Trans-Siberian railroad

Drew: Scuba diving literally anywhere
B for D: I can see Drew loving something tropical but active. He never stops moving.

What is your dream dinner date?
Betsy: Amazing food, and oh, good conversation too 🙂
D for B: Dinner with Adam at…Per se?

Drew: The kind where you have to be reminded to order, or the kind where you don’t even need to order…I like when they just bring me things.
B for D: He’s a foodie too, so I imagine it’ll have more to do with the food than the person…haha 🙂 We are similar in that we both love to eat yummy food!!!


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