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All the Things I Learned Watching Mamma Mia! For The 500th Time

July 29, 2020 by Tina Wargo
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The word “hero” is being used a lot these days, and rightfully so. With all that’s going on in the world, it’s always helpful to be reminded that there are some good people still around us who truly want and work for a better existence.

I am not one of these people. Reader, I am barely one step away from being legally dubbed ‘The Internet’s Gay Joker.” For while the best of us spend their time reading books or writing think pieces or home-schooling their children, I have busied myself with the task of re-re-re-re-watching the 2008 art film Mamma Mia! for about the 500th time, by rough estimation.

If you follow TodayTix, you may have seen hours and hours of manic ramblings about goathouses, overalls, and a certain 21-time-Oscar-nominated-actress earlier this week, and you may have ignored them, thinking, “Is TodayTix okay?” and “Why does the word ‘Chiquitita’ keep appearing on my timeline?” And the answers would be “Not really” and “don’t worry, you’re about to find out!”

As a part of my personal exploration/public reign of terror, I’ve decided to round up a definitive list of things I newly discovered and those that have been haunting me for years in my jaunt(s) to Kalokairi. So even if you’ve already seen the movie or think you know everything about it, I challenge you to open yourself up to new ideas and really take this deep dive along with me, because, dear, dear reader, I have nothing else anymore. There’s Mamma Mia!, there’s tweeting about Mamma Mia!, and there’s, like, going to work, I guess?

Onward! Here we go, again!

It’s called Mamma Mia water — look it up.

Her swagger AND her bearing? In this economy???

Theater kids are not made, they’re born.

Ladies and gentlemen, please stand…

And when you saw only one set of footprints, it was then that we moved to the boat portion of the evening.

Never HEARD such sorrow, more like! :/

I’m cancelled.

Yeah right, if it’s Mamma Mia 2 then where are all the Mammas?

The truth comes out.

Justice 4 Pierce

Trigger warning: D*nna’s D*ath

This is where the evening really got away from me.

Yes, I *am* single.

Sky is the worst part of the movie don’t @ me.

While I am a Here We Go Again truther, I did LOVE this part.

Musings on endings.

Credit where credit is due.

I am even more sorry now.

See? I told you. Mania! No one made you read this whole thing! Why didn’t you just quit while you were ahead?! But maybe that’s it. Maybe that’s the thing all along. Mamma Mia! is our collective siren song. We don’t want to watch it over and over and over, and yet, we must. We have to. “Here we go again” isn’t just an exclamation; it’s a wail of resounding defeat. It’s an impulse we don’t dare resist.

I feel a 501st viewing coming on. Won’t you join me?