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9 Broadway Instagrams You Missed This Week

March 3, 2017 by TodayTix
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This week on Instagram: The Oscars, #tbts, and Josh Groban being his adorable self. See what you missed below!

1. Benj Pasek celebrated his Oscar win with cheese.

Say cheese!

A post shared by benjpasek (@benjpasek) on

2. Significant Other opened on Broadway.

The cutest cast that ever was! #SignificantOther #openingnight #redcarpet #BSG #onthescene

A post shared by Jenny Anderson (@jennyandersonphoto) on

3. Josh Groban turned 35.

Gonna spend my birthday on the floor with my closest friends. (Thanks @emmaath and @iamthe8th)

A post shared by Josh Groban (@joshgroban) on

4. Sutton Foster gave her time to a student production of Shrek.

5. Lea Michele dropped her new single.

#LOVEISALIVE available 3/3/17

A post shared by Lea Michele (@leamichele) on

6. The Rockettes gave us this behind the scenes #tbt.

Two #Rockettes engage in "horseplay" backstage at #RadioCity in 1956. #TBT

A post shared by Rockettes (@therockettes) on

7. Kristin Chenoweth was all of us in winter.

Standing on the very footbridge that inspired Meredith Willson to write The Music Man. Incredible.

A post shared by Kristin Chenoweth (@kchenoweth) on

8. Dancers of New York gave us this inspiring gem.

"I auditioned for the national tour of Matilda and had all these callbacks. After the second to last callback, all my friends who were there started texting me that they had gotten a callback. I thought I did a good job and they liked me, but I didn’t get a callback. On the day of the callback, I took off work and went to ballet class. After class, I was still bummed, so I said, “You know what? I am not done dancing. I was supposed to dance all day. I am going to go to a jazz class too.” After jazz class, I look at my phone, I have two missed calls, three text messages, and a voicemail from this New York number that I don’t know. I listen to the voicemail, and it’s someone from casting at Matilda. She says, “So we accidentally threw your headshot away in the no pile, but we really wanted you to be here today. Where are you?” I had no book, and I didn’t have appropriate dance clothes for the audition, but I went anyway. I was there for almost six hours, dancing, singing, and reading. A month later, it was the day they were starting rehearsals for the tour or really close to it. I was sitting on the couch. My phone rings—and it’s a New York number I don’t know, which makes your heart stop. The casting director says, “Hi, Amanda, we just want to call and let you know that casting for the tour has been completed, and that’s going to be the end of the road for you there.” In my head, I am thinking, “Duh, they start rehearsals today, and I am not there.” But I say, “Thanks for letting me know.” Then she says, “But we have an opening in our Broadway company, and we want you to join us there instead.” I could not believe what she had just said because that was never on the table as far as I knew. I didn’t know that I was even being considered for Broadway. I had no clue. I have no idea what she said after that because I was in shock. I was getting up to leave, and I couldn’t even really put on my coat. I didn’t know what was happening. I got home, and I remember sitting in my kitchen just sobbing. I was supposed to start rehearsals three days later. My entire life got flipped upside down."

A post shared by Dancers of New York (@dancersofny) on

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