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8 Theater Love Songs To Duet With Your S.O.

January 31, 2017 by TodayTix
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Breaking into song isn’t just for musicals. With our playlist, you can belt your feelings in tandem with your significant other in real life. Here are some of our favorites:

1. “It Only Takes A Moment” – Hello, Dolly!

“It only takes a moment
To be loved a whole life long”

“Hello, Dolly!”

Singing this song to each other brings a layer of class, sophistication, and charm. We recommend pairing it with a large hat.

2. “A Million Miles Away” – Aladdin

“We’ll join a caravan tonight,
count on the stars to be our guide.”

Photo Credit: Matthew Murphy

Adventure. Magic carpet rides. Swarovski crystals on everything. It’s the perfect fantasy with perfect harmonies.

3. “As Long As You’re Mine” – Wicked

Photo Credit: www.wickedthemusical.com

“Kiss me too fiercely
Hold me too tight”

These two are living in the moment, and we are living for this duet. Forbidden love is just so romantic.

4. “Helpless”- Hamilton

“Look into your eyes and the sky’s the limit,
I’m helpless!
Down for the count
And I’m drownin’ in ’em”

Photo Credit: Joan Marcus

Eliza and Alexander are goals. Well, besides the cheating and living without indoor plumbing.

5. “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” – The Lion King

“There’s a calm surrender to the rush of day
When the heat of the rolling world can be turned away”


This song is in the language of love.

6. “Take Me Or Leave Me” – Rent

“Kiss pookie”

Credit: Carol Rosegg, 2016

This song illustrates that honesty and being yourself are the best policies. The duet is super fun, but good luck deciding who gets to be Idina Menzel’s sassy part.

7. “All I Ask Of You” – The Phantom Of The Opera

“Anywhere you go, let me go too
Love me, that’s all I ask of you”


Break into this song on top of an opera house. If you don’t have that grand romantic gesture in your plans anytime soon, simply singing it to them will suffice.

8.  “Summer Nights” – Grease

“Summer dreams ripped at the seams but oh those summer nights”

gl-s1_17-julianne-aaron-white02_4947.rc_.a copy

Showing off a new love affair is always fun. Break into this song to make your friends jealous that you’ve found a special someone.

Check out our Spotify playlist below for these songs and more. No matter which song you choose, sing it loud and sing it proud – you’re partner is sure to love it.