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16 Inspiring Songs To Get You Through Midterms

March 17, 2017 by TodayTix
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It’s midterm season. The coffee supplies are low and the stress is high. Don’t worry, we’ve got your playlist covered. Here are 16 songs that will get you through these tough times. You can do it!

1. Tomorrow – Annie

Photo Credit: Joan Marcus
Photo Credit: Joan Marcus

Tomorrow is only a day away! You can do it!

2. Climb Ev’ry Mountain – The Sound of Music

Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox/Courtesy Neal Peters Collection
Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox/Courtesy Neal Peters Collection

You are almost at the top of Mt. Midterms. Climb!

3. My Shot – Hamilton

Photo Credit: Joan Marcus

Education is an opportunity. Rise up!

4. Dear Professor Thompson (Parts 1 & 2) – Ordinary Days

Photo Credit: Joan Marcus
Photo Credit: Joan Marcus

Deb has some great advice on how to ask for extensions.

5. Nine to Five – 9 to 5: The Musical


Whether you’re working 9 to 5 (or 5 to 9,) you aren’t alone. We’re all in this study group together.

6. It Won’t Be Long Now – In The Heights

08-2-29 In The Heights
Photo Credit: Joan Marcus

Spring break and summertime are just around the corner!

7. I Wish I Could Go Back to College – Avenue Q


Just a little reminder that someday you’ll want to be back in school. Enjoy it while you can.

8. A Little More Homework – 13


In the most literal sense, we all have a little more homework to do.

9. Monkeys and Playbills – [title of show]

Photo Credit: Carol Rosegg
Photo Credit: Carol Rosegg

Jeff and Hunter struggled writing their musical just like you are struggling to write your essay. Just “scoop out and image monkey” from your smart little head!

10. What You Want – Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde Insider

Party life is tempting, but be strong!

11. The Speed Test – Thoroughly Modern Millie

Photo Credit: Joan Marcus

If Millie can type that fast, so can you. Race to the finish!

12. To Break in a Glove – Dear Evan Hansen 

Photo Credit: Matthew Murphy

Your hard work will pay off, it just takes a little time.

13. Fake Your Way to the Top – Dreamgirls

Photo Credit: DreamWorks
Photo Credit: DreamWorks

Don’t know what you’re doing? Fake it until you make it!

14. Seize the Day – Newsies

Photo Credit: Deen van Meer
Photo Credit: Deen van Meer

No more procrastinating. “Don’t be afraid and don’t delay!”

15. Bring on Tomorrow – Fame

Photo Credit: Hugo Glendinning
Photo Credit: Hugo Glendinning

You are ready: midterms and graduation are almost here. You can make a difference, it’s not too late.

16. One Day More – Les Misérables


Your battle cry to get you through your last all-nighter. One. Day. More!

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