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12 Thoughts Anyone Who’s Ever Stagedoored Knows

August 31, 2016 by TodayTix
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Ah, Broadway’s favorite pastime: stagedooring. The excitement of knowing that shortly after your show ends, you’ll be able to meet, take a picture with, and get an autograph from your favorite actor or actress.

Here are 12 thoughts anyone who’s ever stagedoored knows. Because, that Playbill ain’t gonna sign itself!

1. “Alright, curtain’s down, lights are on and I wanna stagedoor. Do my friends want to stagedoor, though? I don’t care, I’m going.”


2. “Ugh, aisles are jammed. Look lady, I’m not afraid to use my elbows, because I’ve got a shiny Playbill that’s begging for a certain signature and I’ve got a stagedoor to get to.”


3. “Okay kids, I’ve arrived. I have ARRIVED. Can’t look too eager. Do I look too eager? Well, not as eager as that guy…”


4. “And now,we wait. That’s fine, will give me time to come up with a snappy Instagram caption. I feel like I use that one theater emoji too much, though. I’ll do a pineapple/thumbs up combination. But is a pineapple too random? Nah, people will get it.”

 pineapple gif

5. “Omg, someone’s walking out, someone’s walking out… and it’s…. okay, put on a big smile, ensemble members are people, too.”


6. “And again… we wait.”


7. “Door’s opening again, and yes! There she is, the girl I’m here for. Whoa, I’m feeling feelings and…. great, now I’m screaming. Gotta tone it down a bit – can I manage an elegant shriek? Okay, now I’m elegantly shrieking. Good work everyone.”


8. “Once again, not afraid to use my elbows.”


9. “Okay, I’m face to face with my idol. She’s soooo pretty and cool – should I ask for a selfie..? Yes, I’m going for it.”


10. “I wonder if I should show her that YouTube medley from my high school theater days. No no, too much, too much. Gotta calm down.”


11. “Playbill! Signed! Selfie! Posted! Is it weird if I like my own selfie?”


12. “And… that’s a wrap. Now I’m starving. Where we gonna eat and how are we getting there?”

bill murray

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