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11 Broadway Shows to See By Yourself for Singles’ Day

November 9, 2018 by Suzy Evans
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This Sunday is officially Singles’ Day which means its time to break out all the self-care big guns: sheet masks, bath salts, and Broadway! So save some of your extra cash from the Sephora sale, and treat yourself to a show to celebrate you. Whether you’re going solo or with a group of friends, you’re certain to feel empowered and inspired by these stories onstage.

Jessica Vosk

You’ll be changed for good by this powerful story of female friendship and how good conquers evil. Elphaba didn’t need anyone to change the world and neither do you.

Torch Song
Sure, Arnold Beckoff might long for a husband and a family, but he knows not to compromise himself or his standards on his quest. Along the way, he learns that families come in many different forms.

Summer: The Donna Summer Musical
Enough is enough! Music industry icon Donna Summer knows when it’s time to put her foot down when it comes to men, and in this musical take on the singer’s life, you’ll see all her hits performed by three powerhouse divas and an all-female ensemble. 

Sarah Bernhardt was a trailblazer onstage and off, and with Janet McTeer’s no-holds-barred performance in Theresa Rebeck’s play, Bernhardt comes to life in new ways. Because who says a man has to play Hamlet? Not Bernhardt. Unlock $29 Rush tickets. 

Mean Girls
Want to feel glad you are not in high school anymore? Tina Fey is here for you. Her musical adaptation of the film preaches the importance of girl power, being yourself, and accepting others. As Janice sings, “I’d rather be me.”

Sisterhood is the name of the game in this new Disney classic, which comes to the stage with a deeper and darker story. Men come and go for Anna and Elsa, and at the end of the day, it’s their love for each other that saves them. Altogether now, let it go!

My Fair Lady
Okay, hear us out. While this 1950s Lerner and Loewe show might not scream feminism (a man does teach a woman to be a lady after all), director Bartlett Sher has made some choice updates for the #MeToo era. Why can’t a woman be more like a man? Just you wait…

Carole King is the ultimate solo gal, and her album “Tapestry” basically paved the way for singers like Adele and Sara Bareilles. Find out how this powerhouse got to where she is today in this award-winning musical.

Speaking of powerhouse female vocalists, Sara Bareilles brings the moving story of a small-town waitress who learns to fend for herself to the stage in this musical. Find out why friends, family, and food save Jenna when she’s stuck in a touch situation with a man, er men.

Okay, we don’t condone killing ex-lovers, but Roxy Hart and Velma Kelly’s murderous streaks can help you blow off some steam. After all, he had it comin’.

The Band’s Visit
Sometimes people step into your life for a short time and a moment of connection is all you need. Both Dina and Tewfiq are mourning the loss of a relationship in this intimate musical, and although they only find each other for a short time, they come out on the other side alone and better for it.