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How to Win $30 Tickets to ‘The Present,’ Geffen Playhouse’s Sold-Out Interactive Magic Show

July 10, 2020 by TodayTix
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The Present

When Geffen Playhouse went into quarantine mode in March, the team at the award-winning LA theater showed the world that it still had some amazing tricks up its sleeve. Within weeks of closing its doors, the theater revealed its newest show, The Present: an intimate, interactive, and entirely virtual production featuring mind-bending illusions from famed magician Helder Guimarães. The runaway hit has become the virtual theater world’s hottest ticket, and the production has just announced new opportunities to experience the magic exclusively on TodayTix

How does The Present work?

The Present

Geffen Playhouse found a unique recipe for success with The Present. While many theaters started to imagine how new and existing works could translate to the virtual world, Geffen’s new offering introduced an original twist to the theater-at-home experience. Audience members don’t just watch passively through their screens — each participant, capped at 25 per performance, is asked to use the contents of a mysterious package that arrives at their home prior to showtime.

What’s so magical about The Present’s success?

Turning to virtual theater may largely be an experiment for institutions facing a challenging new era of social distancing, but the audience reaction to The Present has shown that the Geffen’s new show hits all the right notes. Originally scheduled for a two month long run, the production has since been extended twice, selling out each new block of tickets in mere minutes. Full-priced tickets, valid for an entire household, were grabbed up at $95 each and are entirely sold out through the show’s final performance in October.

The Present

Is it too late to get tickets to The Present? (No!)

If you’re just now hearing about The Present, and have your interest piqued by the chance to witness and participate in this virtual theater phenomenon, all’s not lost. The show just announced a $30 digital Lottery on TodayTix — offering all US residents a chance to nab those final remaining tickets, available for select weekly performances from August to October. Just enter the Lottery on TodayTix, check to see if you’ve won four weeks prior to the show date, and you might just get to be one of the lucky few with exclusive access to the virtual room where the magic happens.

Enter the TodayTix Lottery and get more information here.