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How To Plan a Night Out in Los Angeles

August 15, 2018 by Ashley Lee
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A night out in the City of Angels is one that soars. It’s really just a matter of figuring out exactly where you want to go and what kind of night you want to have. Therefore, to help you plan your next night out on the town, follow our step-by-step guide.

Pick a neighborhood.
Yes, there are a million ways to spend an evening in LA, as well as one surefire way to damper it all: traffic. This town is a bit too spread out to hop around throughout a single night (because you can still get stuck bumper-to-bumper around midnight). You’re better off sticking to a single neighborhood for an evening instead of trying to squeeze in a to-do list spanning Venice, Hollywood, and Downtown.

Eye a vibe.
Wardrobe is usually weather-dependent, but since LA evenings are likely to be temperate, outfits and agendas are more aligned with attitudes of choice. Boutique nightclubs, arena concerts and finer dining require a trendier look than beer gardens, movie screenings and food truck festivals, but both options (and everything in between) are equally pleasing itineraries. It’s definitely a luxury that this is a matter of preference each night!

Crave a cuisine.
Los Angeles really is a foodie’s town, thanks to its diverse population. It’s been famously described as an “anti-melting pot” as ethnic cuisine remains so genuinely authentic. Plan your night around the menus of critically-acclaimed Korean barbecue restaurants, irreplicable Mexican spots, Japanese omakase hideaways, and the most delicious vegan food you didn’t even think was ever possible. Be sure to carry cash, since some of the city’s best places may not accept credit cards.

Take a ride.
It’s true: the subway scene in LA isn’t the most effective for a night out, especially in comparison to other cities’ public transportation systems. Couple that with crazy parking rates and confusing signage (seriously!), and just the thought of driving around for the night is enough to convince you to stay in entirely. Instead, leave your keys at home and book rides via Uber and Lyft. That way, you can also indulge in the city’s best cocktails without worry.

Go for new.
Despite LA’s urban sprawl, there’s still plenty of room in this city for a little spontaneity, especially if it’s in the space of trying something new. Thankfully, there’s always something exciting going on somewhere in the region. Explore a neighborhood you’ve never been to before, nab a pair of tickets to see a cool new show, peruse the menu of a newly-opened eatery, stop into a bar to watch an up-and-coming act. Adding in a new experience will really make your LA night fly.

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