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7 Myths About Comedy Shows (And Why They’re Not True)

August 8, 2018 by TodayTix
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Max Reinhardsen and Natalie Rich (Photographed by Jenny Anderson)

Word on the street is that August is Comedy Month on TodayTix! We know you love watching comedy specials on Netflix (Nanette? Ugh, so good.) from the safety of your couch, but going to see comedy in the flesh can be a little scary. We’re Max and Natalie! Think of us as your comedy…therapists? Let’s talk through those fears of yours and get you out there on the scene, as they say. Hehe. Haha. We love to laugh. Here we go!

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I’m afraid of getting called out by a comedian on stage. I hate audience participation. Why is that even a thing?
More than likely if you get called on or called out, you won’t die. Honestly? Maybe holding up a mirror to your weird life isn’t a bad thing! We’re laughing with you, not at you. The comic is there to be funny, not make you miserable. And look at it as a cool story to tell 15 of your closest friends later. But if you really don’t want to get singled out, maybe don’t bring said 15 friends to the front row and run up a huge bar tab. Also, maybe don’t wear your tuxedo t-shirt. Your boyfriend hates it. We all hate it. We’ve been waiting for the right moment to tell you.

I’ve never heard of this person. Why should I care what they have to say?
LOOK. Ali Wong? She was working her material in clubs for 11 YEARS as a lil baby cobra before she got her special. Now she’s a mama cobra. Discover the next Ali Wong! Hurry up, follow them on Instagram before they blow up and have to make their account private. Also, does anyone really know anyone? Aren’t we all just spinning on this marble we call the Earth? Infinity. Gravity. Science. Comedy. Bonus: If it’s a small show, chances are you’ll get to hang out with the comic after!*

*Like, probably not, but might as well try! The bar is so small!

There are too many improv/stand up/sketch shows to choose from. How do I know which ones to go to?!
That show is right by your apartment! Walking distance? Yes please! This venue doesn’t have a drink minimum? Perfect. (Let’s hope they don’t have a drink maximum, amiright?) Is the name of their sketch group “Lasagna Misogyny”? Don’t go to that one! They re-write and perform all three Sister Acts in the span of 24 hours? That sounds amazing. You’re amazing. This one has a free appetizer with the TodayTix Comedy Pass? Always say yes to free food! We wrote this without prompt!

I don’t like clowns. Is comedy not just clowns?
No! And we don’t like clowns either! Spooky! Max has nightmares about the clown in “The Brave Little Toaster,” and that’s real.

I get paid under the table as a barista at an underground geriatric fight club. I can’t afford to see comedy!
Honey, you’re a what? A barista in a what? You need a night off. Take a shower, put on your best tuxedo t-shirt, and get out there! Treat yourself. Comedy tickets are way cheaper than a movie sans MoviePass (aka a true nightmare), and you get 25% off all comedy tickets with the TodayTix Comedy Pass!

I clearly don’t know what a comedy show is. I thought “sketch” was drawing. Do you mean like “SNL”?
No. Well, sort of. There are at least a handful of different types of comedy! Improv is where a group of silly friends show up at a certain time and place every week and ask strangers what they should talk about in front of those strangers. It’s just like hanging out with your friends. Sometimes it’s extremely awkward and sometimes it’s a laugh and half. The fun is in the unknown! Stand-up comedy is one silly man OR WOMAN talking just to you about things he OR SHE observes and/OR experiences. It’s funny because it’s true! Sketch comedy is pretty much just “SNL,” yeah. It’s just not usually as well-known, lauded, respected, long-running, fully funded, or funny. Or maybe it’s something entirely different. Maybe we don’t all have to have a perfect format of a thing everyone understands already. Maybe we don’t subscribe to corporate America. Maybe it’s just a weird show we do every week and it’s whatever we want it to be and no one watches it because it’s on public access and what even is public access? And that’s freedom.*

*Watch “Max & Natalie LIVE!” on YouTube. No audience. No celebrities. Not even live. A late night public access talk show co-hosted by Max Reinhardsen & Natalie Rich on MNN & YouTube!

Where do I get tickets? I have internet! I have a great data plan, actually. I get service – what? Oh yeah, sorry go ahead.
Did we mention the TodayTix Comedy Pass? Oh twice? Joke’s on you, comedy comes in threes.