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Your Guide To Immersive Theatre In London

2 January 2018 by Emily Moulder
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If you’ve ever been to the theatre and thought, ‘I just want a little bit more’, then maybe it’s time you tried an immersive show.

For the uninitiated, immersive shows generally mean there’s a level of interaction that’s either verbal or physical. In these kinds of productions, anything can happen and one show could have a totally different vibe from another, which is what makes them so exciting. So, to prepare you for your first immersive show, we’ve got a little guide for you and a list of great shows you can try out!

You’re as much a part of the show as the cast

Photo Credit: The Grift/Tarento Productions

Immersive shows will often see audiences engaging with cast members, but for some productions, you’ll need to join in with scripted elements, physical tasks or in some cases, problem solving. With shows like The Grift, you’ll need to be able think on your feet and be ready for twists and turns as you go up against a criminal mastermind.

Be prepared for anything

Photo Credit: Hair

A performer might pull you up onto the stage, whisk a few of you away to see a secret part of the production, talk to you in character or even give you a makeover! To get the most out of these experiences, you need to be ready to go with the flow, and give in totally to the characters you might be interacting with. For instance, Hair will see you thrown back to the wild hippy days of the 60s, so be ready to join in with the vibes, man.

Dress for the theme

Photo Credit: The Great Gatsby

To be able to keep up with the wild 1920s party of The Great Gatsby, make sure you’re wearing shoes comfortable enough to do the Charleston in. While dressing in period or themed clothing is completely optional, why not go all out and join in the fun?

Immersive theatre is fun for everyone!

Photo Credit: La Soiree

If you consider yourself a wallflower and want to break out of your shell a little, immersive shows can be a great experience. They allow you the chance to get involved in a performance under controlled circumstances; you get called out to participate, you do your bit and then you can sit down again.

Immersive performances are also good if you’re a great big show off and want a chance to be in the spotlight for a minute or two.

La Soiree is a wild show that may see you pulled up onto the stage to have some fun with the cast. They may or may not wearing clothes at the time, but that’s all part of the fun at La Soiree.


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