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Video: An Interview With The Writer And Director Of anatomy of a suicide

6 June 2017 by Emily Moulder
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The new play anatomy of a suicide written by Alice Birch opened at the Royal Court this week, continues her collaboration with director Katie Mitchell.

With Alice’s critically-acclaimed screenplay for Lady Macbeth, and Katie’s visceral production of Sarah Kane’s Cleansed last year, any play combining both of their considerable talents is one not to miss.

The pair previously teamed up for the play Ophelias Zimmer, a calculated look at how Shakespeare’s Ophelia was stalked by Hamlet, culminating in her mental health spiralling out of control. Now the pair have reunited to explore the relationship between a mother, daughter and granddaughter in anatomy of a suicide.

As the title suggests, a death is at the core of the story and it’s ripple effects through time and people are just as raw and emotional as you’d imagine. The play has received critical-acclaimed for it’s bold approach to such a sensitive subject. The Evening Standard describes the show as, “A sophisticated tapestry of generations and emotions.”

In an interview with The Guardian, Alice said of the show, “I was interested in whether trauma can be passed on through our DNA; how much is nature and nurture? I’d read somewhere that when the mother kills herself, it’s chaos. Once the suicide taboo has been broken in a family, does it becomes easier to repeat later? And I wanted to look at how does one break out of that pattern so the cycle doesn’t become inevitable?

Hear more about the show from Alice and Katie in the video interview below.

The combination of Alice and Katie’s approach to this dark and deeply personal take on, not only motherhood, but also pain, makes for exciting theatre. How do we deal with trauma and especially trauma that comes from inside the family? Even further, how do we handle trauma committed by the family? Book your tickets to see anatomy of a suicide, now playing at the Royal Court.

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