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8 Feelings You Have Before You Get To The Theatre

5 October 2016 by Emily Moulder
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When you’re on your way to the theatre, you can start to get all of the feels. Whether you’re a regular theatregoer or this is your first show, there are some emotions we know we’ve all had at one point.

What if there’s traffic? Will they have the good kind of M&Ms (peanut, obviously) in the foyer? What if you get seated behind someone super tall? Check out our list of#theatrefeels and see how much you can relate.

1. Hoping your favourite performer is on today.

Photo Credit: Giphy

You’re praying to the theatre Gods that your favourite performer is on today. Whether they’re an understudy or lead, nothing beats finding out they’re definitely on for your visit.

2. When you’re buzzing because you have front row seats.

Elf movie

Knowing you’re going be so close to the stage you could touch it, but that you’re definitely not supposed to, is pretty exciting. In case you didn’t know, you can get front row tickets for Kinky Boots and others through TodayTix lotteries.

3. When your train is cancelled or there’s traffic.

Anger Inside Out

The desire to get out of the car and run is strong with this one. YOU. WILL. NOT. MISS. CURTAIN. UP.

4. Getting last minute tickets to a sold out show.

Photo Credit: Giphy

These tickets were like gold dust; almost impossible to get but you did it and now you’re trying not to rub it in your friends faces. The struggle is real.

5. Seeing the marquee for the first time.

Feeling Amazed

When you’ve waited so long to see a particular show, the day finally arrives when you’re standing outside the theatre, looking up at the marquee. It’s glorious.

6. Did you buy for the right day?

Photo Credit: Giphy

That last minute momentary panic when you frantically check your confirmation email to make sure you’ve come along on the right day.

7. Getting to buy all the treats!

Photo Credit: Giphy

You might be of the mindset that when you’ve saved money on a ticket, you can then splash the cash at the bar or on buying sweets and ice cream. You head to your seat with an arm full of goodies and settle in for the show with a big smile on your face. Just make sure they’re silent snacks…

8. When you walk into your favourite show with your squad.

taylor swift Bad Blood video gif

You all know the words. You’ve nailed the moves. You are ready.

Any #theatrefeels that we missed? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.