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Sneak Peek: Mel Brook’s Young Frankenstein Rehearsal Pictures!

15 August 2017 by Emily Moulder
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We were lucky enough to attend a rehearsal for the upcoming musical of Mel Brook’s Young Frankenstein. Legendary director and choreographer Susan Stroman lead the day, introducing us to the cast of the London production who treated us to a few numbers.

The story follows the great-grandson of the infamous Doctor Frankenstein, Frederick, return to his family’s Transylvanian castle where he explores the dangerous science of re-animation. With the help of his all too eager assistant Inga, the hunchback Igor and the stern housekeeper Frau Blucher, Frederick does the unthinkable and carries on his great-grandfather’s work.

The show was originally on Broadway in 2007 and starred Megan Mullally, Sutton Foster, Andrea Martin, Roger Bart and Shuler Hensley (who also appears in the London version). The cast bringing Mel Brook’s madness to life in London will be Lesley Joseph as Frau Blucher, Dianne Pilkington as Elizabeth, Hadley Fraser as Doctor Frankenstein, Summer Strallen as Inga and Ross Noble as Igor.

The songs we were treated to in the rehearsal room were full of energy and fun, with Hadley Fraser in particular dealing with tongue-twisting lyrics in the song “The Brain”, the good doctor’s love letter to his favourite organ. Summer Strallen’s Inga is fun, sexy and silly in “Roll In The Hay” and Dianne Pilkington’s Elizabeth is beautiful but oblivious in “Surprise”.

Take a look at some behind the scenes pictures from inside the rehearsals of Young Frankenstein, opening on 28th September.

Susan Stroman and Hadley Fraser
Summer Strallen, Hadley Fraser and Ross Noble
Summer Strallen, Hadley Fraser and Ross Noble
Summer Strallen, Hadley Fraser and Ross Noble
Hadley Fraser
Hadley Fraser
Hadley Fraser
Hadley Fraser
Lesley Joseph and Dianne Pilkington
Lesley Joseph, Dianne Pilkington and Ross Noble
Dianne Pilkington

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