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My First Show Stories: Chloe

24 August 2016 by Emily Moulder
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Seeing your very first theatre show can create some magical memories for children. To celebrate those experiences, we asked our TodayTix Squad to share their #MyFirstShow stories. Here’s Chloe’s:

When the lovely people at TodayTix asked me to talk about my first show, I immediately thought of the Teletubbies. After drafting a lengthy post about the mystery of what Tubby Custard actually is and how freaky I found the baby in the sun, I realised that they probably meant theatre show.

My first show was a little unknown musical called Les Misérables.

Let me set the scene a little; I was about six years old and I had never been anywhere near a theatre before. My only real knowledge of performing arts came from a yearly visit to my primary school by an acting group that used drama to explain science. I guessed that Les Mis probably wouldn’t have actors playing blood cells and kidneys, but other than that I had absolutely no idea what to expect.


I made sure to wear my school shoes instead of trainers because they were ‘fancier’ and we took the train into London. For dinner, we had McDonald’s, so, as you can probably imagine, I was absolutely buzzing by the time we reached the theatre.

I can’t remember who played any of the roles and I didn’t fully comprehend the complexities of the plot (Year 2 history doesn’t really give you a good working knowledge of the build up to the French Revolution.) Nonetheless, it absolutely stunned me.

I was so completely taken in by it and absorbed the characters and the music. A word of warning: be careful when taking young children to the theatre, because the line between fiction and reality is so blurred – I was ready to join the revolution by the end of ‘Red and Black’. I was also utterly decimated by major character deaths (I won’t ruin any for you here, but does it really count as a spoiler? It’s been like 30 YEARS!). I was also blown away by the fact that these characters sang about their feelings, like me. Although, their singing voices were, I admit, slightly better than mine. I can’t deny that I sing like a cat with laryngitis falling slowly off a cliff.

Photo credit: 2016 production of Les Miserables
Photo credit: 2016 production of Les Miserables

My first show lit a fire under me that hasn’t ever gone out, providing me with a burning desire to see every piece of theatre I possibly can and to write and perform until I create something as brilliant. It flung the doors of theatre wide open for me and after two hours, a short interval and an ice cream that cost more than my rent, I was hooked. I listened to the soundtrack obsessively and learnt all the words from all of the songs, much to my parents’ dismay. You have not lived until you have tried to sing all the harmonies from ‘One Day More’ on your own.

A lifelong passion (and hopefully a profession) was unlocked in one night, by one amazing show. What was your first show like? Was it love at first sight, like mine, or do you and theatre have a more complicated relationship?

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