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Love is in the air at these West End shows for Valentine’s Day

26 January 2022 by TodayTix
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Can you feel the love tonight? We certainly can. Be your own theatre cupid this Valentine’s Day by planning a lovely evening in the West End for you and your partner. Or, if you’re going solo this Valentine’s Day, organise your own theatre trip in the name of self-love. Forget dinner and drinks, or a casual evening in, declare just how much you love someone by booking theatre tickets to a West End show on Valentine’s Day.

Get hot and steamy at West End shows oozing with passion, like Moulin Rouge! The Musical and Magic Mike Live! Or, how about a Galentine’s celebration for the books at Mamma Mia! Don’t go to the chapel this Valentine’s Day, make your way to the theatre instead. Who knows, you might fall in love, and begin a lifetime relationship, with musical theatre.

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Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman: The Musical 

When the original Pretty Woman film came out in 1990, audiences immediately fell in love with the story of Vivian Ward and Edward Lewis. She’s a Hollywood sex worker, getting by on grit and determination. He’s a bigshot businessman who’s driving down Rodeo Drive one evening. Vivian and Edward shouldn’t work well together — they’re not each other’s type on paper. But as their days together fly by, Vivian and Edward’s whirlwind Hollywood romance becomes a fairytale happy ever after. 

The Pretty Woman romcom is now a glitzy Hollywood romance musical, and it stars Aimie Atkinson and Danny Mac as Vivian and Edward. All your favourite Pretty Woman film moments are in the musical too, thanks to a story by original film creators Garry Marshall and J.F. Lawton, and there’s original music by Bryan Adams that you’ll want to add to your “romance mood” playlists. Sure, you might not whisk your lover for a romantic getaway to Los Angeles for Valentine’s Day this year, but a visit to Pretty Woman: The Musical on Valentine’s Day will be a surefire way to show your appreciation for that special someone. 

Book Pretty Woman: The Musical tickets in the West End on TodayTix.

Moulin Rouge! The Musical 

Let me hear you, soul sistas! Moulin Rouge! The Musical is the ultimate West End romance musical. The lavish, indulgent show is based on the original 2001 Baz Luhrmann film, which centres on two unfortunate lovers whose lives collide in explosive fashion at the Moulin Rouge! cabaret. Christian’s an American writer, who seeks a trip to Paris to find literary inspiration, yet finds himself in awe of the Moulin Rouge! lead singer, Satine. Satine’s a cabaret starlet, singing centre stage at the Moulin Rouge! night after night. Under the glossy surface, Satine is dealing with a life-altering illness, but she struggles to leave Christian’s side. What could go wrong for Christian and Satine? 

Moulin Rouge! The Musical has transformed the Piccadilly Theatre into the best London date night location. Derek McLane’s luxurious scenic design captures the turn-of-the-century Parisian atmosphere, and opulent costumes by Catherine Zuber and a lighting spectacular by Justin Townsend add to the atmosphere. More is more at Moulin Rouge! The Musical, so explore your inner freedom, beauty, truth, and love this Valentine’s Day. For a bonus treat, whisper these secrets into your lover’s ear about Moulin Rouge! The Musical too. 

Book Moulin Rouge! The Musical tickets in the West End on TodayTix.

& Juliet

& Juliet

We all know the classic romance novels: Romeo & Juliet, Pride & Prejudice, Lady Chatterley’s Lover to name a few. As these tales were published centuries ago, they may be considered by some to feature antiquated love stories. But, what if these oldies could be revamped and reworked for a 21st-century audience? & Juliet shakes the cobwebs off of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet for a pop-fuelled fantasy like no other West End musical out there.

Love is all around for the & Juliet characters. Juliet, now a headstrong woman, heads to Paris to discover herself and be a part of the in-crowd. Juliet’s Nurse begins to fall in love with the wealthy King Lance, and Juliet’s non-binary friend May finds themselves head over heels for Lance’s son, François. If you’ve been missing live music and concerts during the pandemic, surprise your special someone with & Juliet tickets, and imagine you’re at a concert together. Love is all around you this Valentine’s Day at & Juliet

Book & Juliet tickets in the West End on TodayTix.

Back to the Future

Back To The Future: The Musical

There’s no scientific method to find true love this Valentine’s Day. However you can feel the power of love in the West End at Back To The Future: The Musical. Time travel in a DeLorean with Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown in Back to the Future. Accidentally ending up in 1955, Marty and Doc must work together to get back to reality, and make the world a bit more normal. To get to the present day again, Marty’s parents have to fall in love all over again. That’s easier said than done, but when you wish for something to come true, magical moments can happen.

The Back to the Future musical features all the film characters and iconic scenes, all revamped with a 21st-century musical twist. If you want to (Johnny) B. Goode this Valentine’s Day, book Back To The Future: The Musical theatre tickets.

Book Back To The Future: The Musical  tickets in the West End on TodayTix.

Mamma Mia!

Mamma Mia!

Don’t go wasting your emotions this Valentine’s Day. Lay all your love on Mamma Mia! in the West End. Mamma Mia! Tells the story of Sophie, who’s getting married to her sweetheart, Sky, but there’s one problem ahead of their nuptials. Sophie wants her father to walk down the aisle, however there are three potential dads. Inviting the father trio to the island, can Sophie work out who her real father is once and for all? And more importantly, can she do it all without her mother, Donna, realising what’s happening under her nose?

The ABBA jukebox musical packs in dozens of ABBA’s up-tempo hits to have you dancing all night long. There’s also emotional love ballads that’ll have you crying from the opening chords. Mamma Mia! is in a loving relationship with the West End that’s going strong after 22 years. Now, be a part of the West End’s sunniest romance story at Mamma Mia! and say thank you for the music this Valentine’s Day. 

Book Mamma Mia! tickets in the West End on TodayTix.

Magic Mike Live!

Magic Mike Live!

Release your inner unicorn this Valentine’s Day at Magic Mike Live! Based on the Magic Mike films and produced by Channing Tatum himself, this sensual, sexy dance spectacular is follows a seemingly-innocent bartender who eventually leads a group of dancers. There’s plenty of sizzling action in Magic Mike Live! that will make even the sternest of audiences go hot under the collar. During the 90-minute show, there’s live music, acrobatics, street dance, and even a water routine to oogle at. And yes, there are topless men too.

Find your pony at Magic Mike Live! this Valentine’s Day, or take your friends and flaunt your theatre trip on your social media to tease your ex about what they’re missing. Go on, treat your partner — or yourself — this Valentine’s Day in London.

Book Magic Mike Live! tickets in the West End on TodayTix.