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Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions With These 6 Shows

16 January 2019 by TodayTix
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In the grey monotony of midwinter, New Year’s resolutions are easier to throw away than old ticket stubs. Making it through Dry January seems impossible with the constant thought of a refreshing pint, and diets are threatened each Sunday with the prospect of a lovely roast.

Luckily, the West End has a generous offering of shows to help you stay strong and achieve all your 2019 goals.

Resolution: Have more confidence
Show: “Don Quixote

For most people, the hardest part about keeping a resolution is finding the motivation and maintaining the will power. That idealistic image of your better self begins to fade over time for almost everyone – unless, of course, you’re Don Quixote. If doubts are starting to creep in, book a ticket to witness the power of grand delusion. You’ll be astonished with the results when you simply decide you have already achieved your wildest fantasies just as Don Quixote simply decided that he was a heroic knight. Pro tip: Maybe steer clear of windmills.

Resolution: Quit carbs.
Show: “Les Misérables

Trying to quit carbs? One surefire way to kill your craving is to see “Les Misérables,” a musical about the worst-case consequences of wanting bread too much. The show opens with the main character so eager to eat a bit of bread that he winds up stealing it, an action that kicks off the entire plot. Two hours later, (almost) everyone is dead. It could be just the cautionary tale you need to keep on track.

Resolution: Find happiness in singledom.
Show: “Betrayal” 

If you ask anyone in the increasing pool of singles in London, you’re likely to hear that dating is basically a useless endeavour in the cold digital age. Instead of feeling discouraged on your quest for love, grab your tickets to “Betrayal,” Harold Pinter’s acclaimed play about the futility of loving relationships. The premise of the play is that marriage and romance are essentially doomed from the start because we’re all bound to lie to one other. After that, you may decide that the uncomplicated Tinder hookups don’t seem so bad.

Resolution: Be more independent. 
Show: “SIX” 

For some, love is the last thing they want to deal with in 2019. Whether you’re newly single or just trying to live your best life, a resolution to be more independent is a valuable undertaking. The first step: Go see the fierce ladies of “SIX” on the West End. The musical is about six literal queens who parted with the men who weighed them down and wound up making history with their achievements. In just 75 electrifying minutes, these powerful women provide all the inspiration you need to be your own badass self this year.

Resolution: Cut out sweets. 
Show: “Waitress” 

Resolving to give up dessert is one of the toughest resolutions to stick to. After all, what is tea without a biscuit or dinner without a pudding? The struggle is real, but fortunately, so are the pies in “Waitress.”  The West End show takes place in an American diner, where the pies are colorful and sweet and a total treat for the eyes. If you can’t eat dessert, you can at least be close to it. The 32 pies a week required for this show leave the stalls of the Adelphi Theatre with a delightful lingering scent of confectionary so be sure to sit close to the action.


Resolution: Forgive yourself.
School of Rock” 

At the start of “School of Rock,” there’s no bigger screw-up than Dewey. A washed up, penniless, wannabe rockstar, the main character in this musical will make you feel better no matter how disappointed you may be about neglecting your resolution. You’ll be encouraged to see a deadbeat like Dewey turn his life around by the end of the show, proving not only that you can always start again, but also that sometimes breaking a rule leads to rocking results.