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A Guide to The Globe’s 2018 Summer Season

14 May 2018 by Emily Moulder
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Whether you’re a lifelong fan of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre or you’re planning your first trip, the problem is not getting tickets, it’s choosing which great show to see first!

With lots of wonderful productions coming this Summer, here’s our guide to some of the biggest shows you can see at Shakespeare’s Globe with TodayTix.


25 April – 26 August

Upon hearing that his father, the King, has died, Prince Hamlet returns home. Expecting to find a grieving widow, he instead discovers his mother has remarried his uncle, who has taken his father’s place on the throne of Denmark. But something stirs. The ghost of the dead King haunts the Prince, demanding justice for his murder. Can Hamlet avenge his father at the cost of his uncle’s life? Is what the ghost of the King says about his death true?

Book tickets to “Hamlet” at Shakespeare’s Globe.


As You Like It


2 May – 26 August

Rosalind is the beautiful daughter of an exiled Duke, and thanks to her scheming uncle, she must leave her life, and love, Orlando, behind in search of her father.  Disguising herself as a boy, she travels with her cousin Celia to the Forest of Arden. Meeting Orlando again once there, while dressed as man, Rosalind gives him a few lessons in love, but can the pair come together again in this pastoral comedy?

Book tickets to “As You Like It” at Shakespeare’s Globe.


Twelfth Night

7 May – 6 September

Twins Viola and Sebastian are separated in storm and must now find their own way in the world. Viola disguises herself as a man and is employed by the lovesick Duke Orsino, on a mission to win the hand of the grieving Countess Olivia. Upon seeing her in male attire, Olivia falls for Viola’s male persona, Cesario. Revelations, identity politics, lust and love and at the core of Shakespeare’s comedy, “Twelfth Night”.

Book tickets to “Twelfth Night” at Shakespeare’s Globe.


The Taming of the Shrew

11 May – 7 September

Two sisters, Bianca and Katherina, who couldn’t be less alike are forced to marry by their father. Bianca is open to marriage and love, whereas Katherina is more…difficult. Can the equally challenging Petruchio win a battle of wits with her and her heart?

Books tickets to “The Taming of the Shrew” at Shakespeare’s Globe.


The Merchant of Venice

14 May – 8 September

A story of justice, mercy and the morality of man, “The Merchant of Venice” sees the desperate inhabitants of the city, borrowing money they can’t hope to repay. Things get tense when Bassanio borrows from Antonio and Antonio borrows from Shylock – finding themselves in a vicious cycle, each must find a way to repay his debt.

Book tickets to “The Merchant of Venice” at Shakespeare’s Globe.


The Two Noble Kinsmen

25 May – 30 June

Co-written by Shakespeare and John Fletcher, “The Two Noble Kinsmen” sees two prisoners pledge themselves to lifelong friendship with each other, to be as close as brothers. Unfortunately, when they each see the beautiful Emilia from their cell windows, the men discover that the only thing that could come between them is a woman.

Book tickets to “The Two Noble Kinsmen” at Shakespeare’s Globe.


The Winter’s Tale

22 June – 14 October

King Leontes is a man so convinced of his wife’s infidelity, he destroys everything he loves as he dives further into his jealousy and rage. Emotions are wild and unruly in this intense drama as Leontes’ choices send him spiralling into pain and loss. Can what is done, be undone? Is forgiveness beyond some actions?



20 July – 13 October

Mark Rylance will star in “Othello” as the duplicitous Iago, a master manipulator who convinces those around him that they are being betrayed by the ones they love most. The object of his intentions is Othello, a general greatly favoured by those around him, and his wife, Desdemona, who both fall victim to Iago’s complicated games. But, in his pursuit of power, Iago may just find himself caught up in his tangled web of deceit.

Book tickets to “Othello” at Shakespeare’s Globe.

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