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6 Easy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Theatre Fans

10 February 2017 by Emily Moulder
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Rose are red, violets are blue but if you can’t finish this rhyme then you’re probably not great at Valentine’s Day. If you’re wracking your brains for a gift for your special someone, we’ve got some easy suggestions for the theatre lover in your life.

Make A Mixtape


You can update technology from a cassette tape an online playlist if you like, but the intention still there. Just like Princeton in Avenue Q, spend some time thinking about the music that means a lot to your partner and pick songs that mean they’ll think of you the next time they hear it.

Bake Them A Cake

Photo Credit: Matilda
Photo Credit: Matilda

If your partner has a sweet tooth, have a go at baking them Bruce Bogtrotter’s favourite confection from Matilda, a nice big chocolate cake. If you rarely cook for them, they’ll be surprised and touched by the effort you went to and if you’re a great baker, they’ll be excited for a yummy cake! To really put the icing on the cake, book tickets to Matilda and you’ll have a Valentine’s Day to remember.

Become A Genie

Genie from Aladdin in a blue costume
Photo Credit: Aladdin

To truly pamper your partner, turn them into Jasmine or Aladdin for a day and cater to their every need. Commit to taking care of the shopping, cooking and cleaning and round the day off with a shoulder rub and a glass of bubbly, treating them like royalty with every wish being your command. Then when they think they’ve had a perfect day, put the cherry on the top with a pair of tickets to Aladdin!

Declare Your Love

Photo Credit: Kenneth Branagh Theatre Company
Photo Credit: Kenneth Branagh Theatre Company

Take a leaf out of Romeo‘s book and declare your love with a poem you’ve written or a grand public statement. This is ideal if you happen to have a balcony but will work also in the living room or their place of work.

Buy Them A Bell


OK this might seem like a strange suggestion but shows like Hairspray, Guys and Dolls and The Music Man all make references to hearing bells when you’re in love. Buy a nice hand bell and tie a ribbon around the handle with a note explaining how you feel about them. It’s more of a symbolic present so we recommend following this up with show tickets!

Perform In A Flash mob

Photo Credit: Telegraph
Photo Credit: Telegraph

Got a bunch of super talented friends? Pick your partner’s favourite song and create a mini dancing flash mob to surprise them. They’ll never see it coming and, if you’re all singers, even better! It’ll be a Valentine’s Day they’ll never forget.

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