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5 Theatre Shows We Want A Comedy Version Of

7 July 2017 by Rebecca Barrett
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There’s a hilarious new version of King Kong in London with a comedy take on the classic gorilla story. It sees the funny side of a giant monkey swapping the real jungle for the concrete one. In true Carrie Bradshaw style, we couldn’t help but wonder…what other shows would we love to see a comedy version of?

1. The Sound of Music

Photo Credit: The Sound of Music

Current version: A young nun falls in love with a handsome Captain and his family in wartime Austria.

Comedy version: This probably already exists on the cabaret circuit, but wouldn’t a West End production of The Sound Of Music with an all male, drag cast be hilarious? With like a six foot tall, bearded Gretl? We would love to see a convent full of male nuns asking Maria, “What is it you can’t face?”

2. An American In Paris

Photo Credit: An American In Paris

Current version: An American GI falls in love with a dancer in beautiful Paris, but crossed wires and secrets threaten their relationship.

Comedy version: All the romance but none of the glamour, transfer the story from Paris and enjoy An American In Padstow!

3. The Woman In Black

Photo Credit: The Woman In Black

Current version: In a empty house in the country, a young lawyer is haunted by the spectre of the mysterious woman in black.

Comedy version: Strange noises and doors slamming all make sense when The Woman In Black is revealed to be a teenage goth who just wants to be understood.

4. Ghost: The Musical

Photo Credit: Ghost The Musical

Current version: A moving love story of a husband and wife separated too soon. Unable to let go, he returns as a ghost to keep his wife safe from his murderer.

Comedy version: He returns with Slimer from Ghostbusters who decides to join in with the pottery scene.

5. Richard III

Photo Credit: Filipe Ferreira

Current version: Shakespeare’s Richard III shows a villain ready to kill those who would stand the way of him claiming the crown.

Comedy version: Richard III but in the style of Monty Python and the musical Spamalot. When the King cries “A horse, a horse! My Kingdom for a horse!”, Patsy appears up clapping coconuts together and his enemies die by having cows catapulted at them.

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