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5 Reasons Theatre Is Something To Share

14 November 2017 by Emily Moulder
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Now that the John Lewis ad has been released, you know that Christmas is properly on its way. You might think it’s a touch early to be thinking about presents or maybe you’ve bought everything already (well played), but one thing you might have forgotten about is how will you actually spend time with people this Christmas?

Will you go for lunch with family? Visit a German market with friends? Embarrass yourself at the bar with work mates at the office Christmas party? There are plenty of options, but if you love art, dance, music and culture, don’t forget that a night at the theatre is the perfect way to spend time with loved ones this Christmas. Our Social Ambassador Amy recently talked with her mum about musical theatre and the shows they’ve shared together, and you can see the joy on their faces when they talk about their faves.

So, in case you needed the, here are 5 reasons why theatre tickets are a great Christmas gift idea.

You can make wonderful memories

When you go to the theatre, you’re creating a special experience that lasts long after the night itself is done. Whether you see a play that truly moves you, or a musical that you can’t stop singing along to, theatre can create a special experience that you and your friends or family will remember for years to come.

Theatre makes for a great night out in London

If you’ve got family or friends travelling to London for Christmas, treat them to a night on the town with a trip to the theatre. It really is the ideal cultural experience for visitors – for instance, you could start with a stroll down by the Thames, enjoy a nice pre-show dinner and then see some world-class theatre. It also makes for a great Winter date night for couples – what a great way to experience London!

You could discover your new favourite show

You may think you know what you like when it comes to the theatre, but what if you bought a pair of tickets to please someone else? Would you end up seeing something surprising, something you’d never choose for yourself? Because you were trying to create a special gift for someone else, you may have booked tickets to your next favourite show.

It’s a live experience

You might love your weekly call with your mum, but imagine the smile on her face when you tell her you’re bringing her to the theatre. Actually making time to see someone, especially when you might be more used to over-the-phone or digital conversations, tells that person that you’re interested in really communicating with them. You’ve got an afternoon or evening free and you want to spend it with them. Taking someone to the theatre shows that person that you’re interested in seeing them happy, seeing them entertained and sharing that with them. Make someone feel valued not just with gifts this Christmas, but with your time.

It can make someone smile when they need it most

Seeing a comedy musical or play can lift people up in ways you never imagined. It’s escapism, it can have people laughing ’til their sides hurt and, in some cases, turn their whole week around. You might know someone who really needs cheering up this Christmas, so instead of a pair of socks or an ill-fitting jumper, why not give them a good laugh?

Book tickets now for the perfect Winter treat, or surprise someone with a digital gift card this Christmas.

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