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5 Reasons Opera Is Cooler Than You Think

September 14, 2018 by Alix Rosenfeld
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Opera isn’t just soaring arias and impressive costumes and sets. Sure you may not understand all the lyrics in “Carmen” and “La Boheme,” but these classic works are just the beginning when it comes to what the classic and legendary art form can be. While you may have been skeptical in the past, opera is not just your grandparents’ thing. Here are the reasons why you should be going to the opera right now. You might be surprised.

The stories told are larger than life and feature powerful women.
Who doesn’t love a story filled with love, intrigue, and maybe just a bit of murder? One of our favorites is “Lucia di Lammermoor,” an oldie but a goodie with a plot that will satisfy anyone with a taste for the dramatic and murderous. And with plenty of operas like “Lucia di Lammermoor” being vehicles for women and providing powerhouse voices with breakthrough roles, the opera remains an art where women can show off their talents in their rightful place – center stage.

New and edgy operas are being produced.
Going to the opera doesn’t have to mean seeing a production of “The Magic Flute” (decadent and mystical as it is) for the 100th time. Opera companies are producing new and innovative works all the time.

Drag queens are welcome — and they are taking over.
Opera isn’t necessarily known for a connection to drag culture and cabaret, but blending the three together could be a ménage à trois made in heaven. Think about it: Opera has some of the most spectacular and lavish costumes and sets in the business — the flair is undeniable. Combine that sumptuousness, the delicious naughtiness and freedom of drag, and the community feeling of cabaret, and you’re sure to get an epic night. “Queens of the Night” is one of our favorite examples of this phenomenon.

Opera can awaken the activist in you.
Operas often speak to the political as well as the personal. With new material being produced every day that engages with what’s current and making representation a priority, it’s the perfect opportunity to vote with your dollars by seeing timely art. Support relevant works and stick it to the man.

Kids love opera too!
Don’t believe us? Check out this video. If opera has kids hooked, they’re probably onto something, right?