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4 Reasons Not to Miss ‘The Trials of Sam Houston’

April 19, 2018 by Ali Bloomston
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Steven Michael Walters and Alex Organ in “The Trials of Sam Houston” at Dallas Theater Center. (Photographed by Karen Almond)

“The Trials of Sam Houston” is the story we all need right now. Aaron Loeb’s play follows the titular Texas governor in 1861 on the eve of the state’s secession from the Union. As Houston struggles with the decision, he tells his office clerk and slave Jeff Hamilton about another time he, and the Union, stood trial.

The world-premiere production at Dallas Theater Center, directed by artistic director Kevin Moriarty, is part history-lesson, part-inspiring tale, as the characters examine the true cost of freedom. Check out four reasons why you won’t want to miss this production.

1. Dallas Theater Center is kind-of a big deal
Dallas Theater Center isn’t just for Texans. The award-winning company has garnered impressive national attention, most recently winning the 2017 Regional Tony Award. The honor is granted annually to a nonprofit professional regional theatre company committed to artistic excellence and community engagement.

Upon receiving the award, managing director Jeff Woodward said, “This is a unique Tony Award because it does not honor a single play, performance, director, or design, it honors a body of work over a number of years. This award honors our terrific and talented staff and our dedicated board of trustees led by Julie Hersh and Jeff Bragalone. It honors our adventurous audience, especially our subscribers. It honors the strong and consistent support we receive from our donors, and it honors the great city of Dallas.”

Kevin Moriarty, artistic director of Dallas Theater Center, accepts the Regional Theatre Tony Award.

2. It’s the perfect show for the die-hard Texan.
Nothing shows Lone Star pride more than knowing your Texas history. While you may think you know everything there is to know about Sam Houston from that state-mandated Texas History curriculum, this show might prove you wrong by presenting a more nuanced view of one of Texas’s founding fathers.

3. It’s a world premiere, and it’s timely.
While the play is set during the Civil War, playwright Aaron Loeb’s themes could not be more relevant today. At a time when we are having national conversations about how we remember and memorialize historical figures, a show juxtaposing a hero’s achievements with his wrongdoings is important and timely. Plus it’s a world premiere, and who doesn’t want to be the first to experience something that everyone is going to be talking about?

Steven Michael Walters, Kate Wetherhead, Liz Mikel, and Charlie Robinson in “The Trials of Sam Houston” at Dallas Theater Center. (Photographed by Karen Almond)

4. You can get tickets for $20 with TodayTix.
TodayTix and Dallas Theater Center are thrilled to bring you $20 Rush tickets, April 20-May 13. Each performance day, on a first-come, first-served basis, a limited number of tickets will be available at 9AM. To unlock this feature, Dallas Theater Center simply requests that you spread the word on social media through the TodayTix app. 

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