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The 7 Reasons We’re In Love with Joffrey Ballet’s Romeo & Juliet

October 7, 2016 by CJ Schwartz
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Is there any love story more classic than Romeo & Juliet? Of course not. But how about Romeo & Juliet in ballet form performed by some of the most talented dancers you’ve ever seen?

Here are seven of the many reasons we’re in love with Joffrey Ballet’s Romeo & Juliet.

1. The Joffrey Ballet dancers.

Joffrey 1

2. The drama.

Joffrey 2

3. The spectacle.

Joffrey 4

4. The lifts.

Joffrey 5

5. The fights.

Joffrey 6

6. The moves.

Joffrey 8

7. The beauty.

Joffrey 7

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