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6 Terrible Excuses Not To See The City of Conversation in Chicago

September 21, 2016 by CJ Schwartz
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You may have heard about Northlight Theatre’s new production of The City of Conversation, the Chicago premiere of the hit Off-Broadway play about politics, legacy, and family ties across three decades of political change. It’s playing through October 23 in Skokie, and there are plenty of reasons to check it out… and zero reasons not to.

Here are just a few excuses that definitely won’t cut it (so we’ll be seeing you at the theatre soon!)

6. There’s too much traffic.

We get it. It’s annoying to drive on the highway, and Skokie is not the most convenient for everyone. Here’s the thing though: you don’t have to drive yourself. Northlight has launched a special Rush&Ride program with TodayTix where you can get $20 day-of Rush tickets AND free Lyft rides to and from the theatre. So, while you can still get stuck in traffic, you’ll do so from the comfort of the passenger seat, texting away, and not having to worry about missing your exit.


5. I’m tired of hearing about politics.

Don’t worry, the play’s take on politics is just as cynical as you may be, but still manages to offer some fresh perspectives in what may otherwise feel like a loud and frustrating political landscape. You’ll have plenty to talk about after the show, and you won’t even have to mention either of this year’s candidates in the debate!


4. Northlight is hard to get to without a car.

Didn’t we already mention Rush&Ride? It’s good enough that we’ll mention it again. Yes, Northlight is not very accessible via public transportation and yes, we have a solution. You’ll feel swankier than the socialite characters in the show when coming and going with door-to-door car service for free with Rush&Ride.

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3. It’s too expensive.

Did we mention those Rush&Ride tickets are just $20? That’s the price of like 4 days worth of pumpkin spice lattes. If you’re really hankering for those lattes, here’s a hack to make them at home. See, we just saved you $20 which you can now use to see The City of Conversation!

giphy (2)

2. I’ll see touring shows when they come through Chicago, but I just don’t go to random shows.

Just, no. See shows at your local theaters and support homegrown artists! Plus, even if you’re particularly choosy about your theatrical experiences, Northlight Theatre is one of the most renowned non-profit theatres in the Chicagoland area. Put that together with a critically acclaimed piece coming hot off its run at Lincoln Center in New York City, and you’ve got a must-see on your hands – no matter how picky you are.


1. I just don’t like plays.

That’s a bummer. While it’s great to learn about your taste, and of course it’s no fun to see a show you don’t like, there’s a chance that by closing your mind, you’ll be missing out on something special… like, for example, The City of Conversation.


So there you have it, there’s no good reason not to see The City of Conversation at Northlight Theatre – especially with the new Rush&Ride program. So, what are you waiting for? We’ll see you at the theatre!