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5 Things to Do This Weekend Instead of Lollapalooza

July 26, 2016 by Chris Bell
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Lollapalooza is this weekend, which is great if you love super loud music, huge crowds of screaming teenagers, and overpriced food! If that doesn’t sound like your dream weekend, don’t worry. We’ve compiled a list of cheaper and more chill events to help you wrap up your July.

1. Museum Game Night – Harry Potter’s Birthday Party

Art Institute

Wizards don’t care about outdoor music festivals! Apparate to the Art Institute on Thursday, July 28 at 5:30pm where you can meet other witches and wizards in the galleries for a House Cup, killer costumes, and maybe even a game of human chess if you’re feeling brave. Best of all? It’s free if you’re an Illinois Resident! (Save your galleons to buy a new wand, girl.)

2. War Paint

War Paint

Which would you rather do: spend $400 to hear songs hear the same songs you’ve been hearing on the radio for the past three months, or spend $25 to see a brand new musical from legendary Broadway stars? Catch War Paint at the Goodman for the riveting story of two makeup industry magnates, played by Christine Ebersole and Patti LuPone. Enter the TodayTix daily lottery for a chance to win up to two $25 dollar tickets. TBH, Patti LuPone  could out belt Ellie Goulding any day of the week.

3. Newberry Book Fair


If you hate using your ears but love using your eyes, look no further than the Newberry Library’s annual book fair, running all weekend. Snag a cool used book (most of them are under $3), curl up, and enjoy a weekend at home. There’s no way you’ll run out of options with over 120,000 books on sale.

4. Little Shop of Horrors

Little Shop

You could sell your soul for VIP Lolla passes, or you could watch someone sell their soul to a really big plant in American Blues Theater’s Little Shop of Horrors, closing this weekend! This musical will leave you shaking in terror, laughing with joy, and not sunburned like Lolla would. Grab discount tickets on TodayTix and head Downtown to see this stunning summertime show.

5. Movies in the Parks


Lollapalooza’s Grant Park is cool and everything, but Chicago has so many other amazing parks to explore. Good thing there are multiple blockbusters movie showing every night in different parks across the city…for free! This Friday, June 29 Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur is showing Armour Square Park and Jurassic World is over at Athletic Field Park. You’ll always be able to find a park near you and a movie you like. What else could you ask for?


C’mon. It’s time.