2015 in Review

For us, 2015 was a whirlwind year filled with growth, expansion, and learning. We nearly doubled our full time employees, laid roots in 5 new cities, and learned a lot about the global theater community. 525,600 minutes later — here's a look at what we discovered about theatergoers this year.

We grew a lot in 2015.

We grew from one location to six, spanning two continents and four time zones.

We now have users from 188 countries.

We doubled the number of employees on our team.

We have a new office with...

49 top hats,

1 grand piano,

and 1 timid puppy, Roy.

We're pretty happy with the outcome.

Our app was opened 10.1 million times.

We sold 328,000 tickets to 107,000 customers.

Our customers collectively spent 65 years at the theater, and 37 years browsing TodayTix.

We saved users $8.5 million, enough cash to buy 4.4 million cups of coffee.

We collected over 1.1 million lottery entries.

Our customers shared via social media over 340,000 times.

Who you are

Our users hail from all over the world, and a growing number of them have seen shows in more than one of our cities. The typical TodayTix customer is 15 years younger than a typical Broadway theatergoer, listens to Beyoncé, orders on Seamless, and secretly hopes to run into the Humans of New York guy. They're also more likely to be fans of Amy Poehler's Smart Girls, Buzzfeed, and 30 Rock (but like, who isn't.)

TodayTix customers are younger.

The Broadway League

The median age of the Broadway theatregoer is 45 years old



The median age of the TodayTix customer is 30 years old

They come from all over.

Source: TodayTix billing zip codes.

And have a wide array of interests.

Source: TodayTix customer Facebook likes

How you buy

We've learned our users are just like us - when they want something, they're now turning to their mobile devices more often, in "convenient self-initiated bursts of digital activity." According to a recent Google study, 87% of us have our phone at our side day and night, and we check our phones 150+ times per day.

When it comes to procrastinating, we were surprised that regardless of age, our users all behave similarly. However, we did learn that men are much more likely to purchase on the same day. (Take from that what you will.)

You buy more on weekends.

The most popular time to buy tickets is Saturday between 10A.M. and 12P.M.

All ages plan alike.

Knowing a customer's age did not tell us how far in advance they would purchase.

But women plan ahead more.

Men are 30% more likely than women to purchase tickets on the same day as the show.

Top Shows

Not surprisingly, our users want to know immediately when their show is available by setting an alert. Hamilton continues to Blow Us All Away with over 1,000 alert requests per week.

Our lotteries are a smash hit.
2,313 entries/day
194K entries
1,717 entries/day
380K entries
1,696 entries/day
97K entries
And you sure do request a lot of alerts.
38K requests
33K requests
18K requests
Locals and tourists have different tastes.
  1. Something Rotten
  2. A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder
  3. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
  4. Spring Awakening
  5. Finding Neverland
International Tourists
  1. Les Misérables
  2. Finding Neverland
  3. A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder
  4. Wicked
  5. Something Rotten

Thank you

Thank you for helping us make 2015 so successful. We can't wait for you to see the exciting new app features and partnerships we have planned for 2016. So stay tuned, and make sure to look for us in even more cities this year.

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