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2018 Women's Voices Theater Festival

See what shows are participating in the Women's Voices Theater Festival


Mary Kathryn Nagle’s daring new work travels the intersections of personal and political truths, historic and present struggles.

Jefferson's Garden

Playwright Timberlake Wertenbaker explores the contradictions between our founding fathers’ ideals and the realities of freedom in America.


Moira Buffini's Olivier Award-winning hit comedy hilariously portrays The Iron Lady and the Queen behind closed palace doors.


Written by Heather Raffo, NOURA challenges our notions of belonging, shame and sacrifice through a portrait of Iraqi immigrants in New York.

4,380 Nights

DC playwright Annalisa Dias shares a complex and intriguing look at an American worldview created in the wake of September 11.

The Wolves

Sarah DeLappe's runaway hit follows a pack of 16-year-old girls on an indoor soccer team.


Danai Gurira's fiercely funny play pitches tradition against assimilation among the members of one devoted family.

Waxing West

Saviana Stanescu's darkly comic modern fable tells the story of a Romanian cosmetologist's immigration to America.

Count Down

Yalda Baktash and Susan Galbraith create a music-rich retelling of Euripides’ anti-war play "Trojan Women."

Rabbit Summer

Tracey Conyer Lee's exploration of legacy and gun rights centers on a police officer in the midst of #BlackLivesMatter.

Skeleton Crew

Dominique Morisseau's play tells the story of four workers at the last exporting auto plant in Detroit.

The Trojan Women Project

Created by Rachel Hynes, this new work explores the timeless story of The Trojan Women to illuminate modern women’s issues.

This Is All Just Temporary

Olivia Haller's new play tells the story of a recent college grad's complicated relationship with her parents and autistic younger brother.


Presented by the adventurous dog & pony dc, Peepshow is a subversive multi-media theatrical exhibition.

The Way of the World

Written and directed by Theresa Rebeck, is a sparklingly witty physical comedy illuminating the foibles of the upper-class.

Queens Girl in Africa

Caleen Sinnette Jennings's play follows Jacqueline Marie Butler as she sails to Nigeria following the assassination of Malcolm X.

The Veils

Hope Villanueva's THE VEILS tells the story of a female veteran who returns home and must battle ghosts from her experience overseas.


Julia Cho's play is a life-affirming drama where food serves as the key to memory and identity.


Charlie Marie McGrath's mash-up of the Bards' most classic plot twists is told through stylized movement and shadow puppetry.

No Word In Guyanese For Me

Wendy Graf's a poetic and lyrical play follows the story of Hanna, a gay Muslim coming to terms with her identity.

Love is a Blue Tick Hound

Four intimate duets—Fin & Euba, Clean, The Gulf, and Stuck—by Audrey Cefaly.

All She Must Possess

Susan McCully's World Premiere portrays the iconic Baltimore Cone sisters' lives in a highly theatrical celebration.

The Lathe of Heaven

A classic tale of speculative fiction.

Digging Up Dessa

One 21st-century girl sets out to dig up some super-sized discoveries with help from a remarkable friend.