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This show closed on June 23, 2019

About Hell's Fury

"Hell’s Fury: The Hollywood Songbook" is a new music theatre production featuring internationally-renowned baritone Russell Braun portraying the life of Hanns Eisler, one of Europe’s most gifted mid-century composers. A Jewish Marxist born in Austria, Eisler fled Nazi Germany in 1933, eventually settling in Hollywood where he would go on to be nominated for two Academy Awards for his film compositions. At the beginning of the Cold War, Eisler was blacklisted by Hollywood film executives, labelled an “unperson” by the House for Un-American Activities Committee and exiled from the United States. He returned to East Germany where he was initially revered, writing the new country’s national anthem but, growing increasingly disillusioned, he retreated into silence.

During the 1940s, Eisler achieved great success in Hollywood, composing music for many films, including the Academy Award-nominated scores for Fritz Lang's Hangmen Also Die and Clifford Odets’s None but the Lonely Heart. In private he wrote Hollywood Songbook, a brilliantly evocative song cycle full of anger, melancholy and wit with many of the songs using poems written by his friend and frequent collaborator Bertolt Brecht. The songs speak of the horrors of Nazi Germany, the appalling seduction of Hollywood and a deep longing to return home to a better future in post-war Europe. Hollywood Songbook helped to establish Eisler’s reputation as one of the 20th century’s great lieder composers.

Run Time

1hr, 30min; incl. intermission

Start Date

End Date

Harbourfront Centre Theatre

231 Queens Quay W, Toronto, ON M5J 2G8

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