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Discount SF Bay Area Plays Upcoming

There are 15 Discount SF Bay Area Plays Upcoming. Testmatch is the best deal at 54 percent off. Backstage is selling for as low as $10.

Left Coast Theatre Company's newest show asks the question: can two gay couples find God?
Leavened with humor and insight, playwright Lloyd Suh explores the way we consider both ourselves and others in his new play.
San Francisco Playhouse presents a world premiere play exploring identity, gender, and sexuality across generations.
This comedy-dance-theater show takes you behind the curtain, beyond the wings, and back into the performers' dressing room.
Enter the Friday Forty for $40 tickets ($20 per Part) to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in San Francisco.
A.C.T.'s "Testmatch" asks: how can we understand the present, if we won’t acknowledge the past?
Ubuntu Theater Project presents this centuries old epic in a one-actor adaptation of the longest poem ever written.
Join Pianofight for "More Human than Human," a journey with the replicants from the "Blade Runner" universe.
Caryl Chruchill's "Cloud 9" comes to Custom Made Theatre Co., exploding all our assumptions about sex and gender.
Awesome Theatre brings their dark and twisted new office comedy to PianoFight.
Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe, devised by Theatre of Yugen, enacted with post-consumer material puppets.
Pear Theatre presents the Pulitzer Prize-winning drama about friendship in the face of politics.
Ubuntu Theater Project presents "Long Day's Journey into Night," one of the most powerful American plays of the 20th century.
Pablo Picasso and Albert Einstein teach each other about art, science, fame, and more in the brilliant "Picasso at the Lapin Agile."
Arabian Shakespeare Festival brings its signature small cast style to Shakespeare's most beloved play.

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Average discount for SF Bay Area Plays Upcoming is 45%. Some shows offer lotteries and rush tickets. Rush tickets can be accessed via the TodayTix app.

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