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Cheap Philadelphia Plays Upcoming

There are 22 Cheap Philadelphia Plays Upcoming. King Lear is the best deal at 70 percent off. BIENVENIDOS is selling for as low as $0.

From the author of "Doubt" comes a romantic comedy set in rural Ireland.
"Sex, Drugs, & Heartache" is two one-act plays, each dealing with the challenges of relationships and breakups.
"Babel" is the story of a talking stork, lesbian moms, and the power to build your own baby.
In this tale of New England witchery, "Abigail/1702" is ten years after the harrowing and tragic events of the Salem witch trials.
"White Guy on the Bus" is a disturbing and crucial exploration of race from playwright Bruce Graham.
An intimate film screening of the live performances of Our Stories.
The Philadelphia Dramatists Center presents an evening of world premiere plays.
Bristol Riverside Theatre presents a fresh interpretation of this Shakespeare classic.
"Romeo and Juliet" are young adults searching for light in the darkness, only to be crushed by the violent world created by their parents.
Before "Good Will Hunting," before J-Lo, before the Oscar… meet "Matt & Ben."
"Under the Bonnet" is about Lucretia Mott, a tenacious woman who spent her life fighting for the rights of women and African Americans.
Amir Nizar Zuabi's "Grey Rock" is a humorous, fantastical play exploring how US culture has permeated and influenced Palestinian culture.
This classic tragedy of indecision is the story of the most famous, and perhaps the greatest character of western drama.
Kelly McCaughan's "Catholic Guilt" has it all - sex, mortal sin, the hot body of Christ, cosmic bowling!
Join Peter on top of the ladder to find the humor, the struggle and the complicated humanity of living with depression.
For Valentine's Day, Tongue & Groove will create scenes based on audience experiences in or around the bed.
In "Khepera," The Ancestors are empowering the Daughters of Africa so that they may take their rightful place upon the throne.
"BIENVENIDOS" is a bilingual theatrical production exploring the role of whiteness in the contemporary Cuban and Cuban-American experience.
An Amish couple exhibits an act of unfathomable forgiveness after their two sons are killed in a car accident in "Everything is Wonderful."
"Whirlpool" is a new, queer two-hander by Jonathan Edmondson
Inis Nua Theatre Company presents a solo show from an exciting new voice in British theatre.
This story takes place in the ghost town of Osceola on the Nevada/Utah border.

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