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About Super Crazy Fun Time

SUPER CRAZY FUN TIME VARIETY GAME SHOW HOUR is a hilariously insane variety show overflowing with weird characters, interactive games, mysteries, puppets, surprises, and so much more. Give your brain a break, hop aboard the crazy train, and get lit with Leafy, Scotchy, and friends - it's the SUPER CRAZY FUN TIME VARIETY GAME SHOW HOUR!

Starring: Artie Brennan & Anthony Giordano, with Joshua Sankey, Karen Summerton, Zach Garner, Dan Florio, Paul Cohen, and Mark Hudson.​​

"Hosts Artie Brennan and Anthony Giordano throw puppets, characters, dances, games, and endless whacky surprises at the audience in this hyper-stimulating, totally thrilling comedic variety show." - TimeOut NY

"A runaway train that somehow never derails." - Fake Newsweek

Run Time

40 minutes, no intermission

Start Date

End Date



The PIT Underground Theatre

123 East 24th Street, New York, NY 10010

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