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Are you on Twitter? Do you have friends you've made from Twitter? Do you remember the sitcom "Friends"? If you've answered yes to any of these questions then Twiends is for you! Twiends is a monthly comedy show produced and hosted by Otto Fernandez and a special guest co-host each month. (This month, Otto's special guest co-host is his cousin Owen Brackett who isn't a stand-up and isn't on Twitter) If you follow Otto on Twitter and he follows you, you too can become a Twiend! And for the uninitiated, "Twiend" is pronounced like "friend".
Hosts: Otto Fernandez & Owen Brackett
Performers (in alphabetical order):
27-16 23rd Avenue
AstoriaNY 11105
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Running time
1hr 30min
18+ or 16+ if accompanied by adult