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About Wendell & Pan

Life's hard when you're 11, your only friend is the ghost of your 12-year-old dead aunt, your sister wishes she could be on the other side of her cellphone, your parents make every room frigid, and your sick grandpa wants you to kill him. Presented by The Skeleton Rep and The Tank, WENDELL & PAN is a magical dramedy about loneliness, the strange nature of grief, and that moment in your childhood that reverberates with every step you take into the adult world.

Starring Shavana Clarke (Basic Bitch of the Resistance at The PIT), Nya Noemi (Hairspray with The Argyle Theater), Nick Ong (Midsummer with Tiltyard), Anuj Parikh(Julius Caesar with Old Hat Theatre Company), and Margot Staub (Sydney Pollack's The Interpreter).

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The Tank NYC

312 West 36th Street, New York, NY 10018

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This show closes on Sunday, January 20.
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