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This show closed on December 15, 2018

About Arcade Amerikana

I can’t tell you what Arcade is like, but you have felt it before.

The moment you enter the club, and particles shift slightly in the air.

That night the sky was empty of stars, and yet you knew the snow was there because you could feel it.

As the sun sets behind the sand dunes I turn around. Now I remember.

The throbbing in your chest. The pit of your stomach. Eyelids like two moths that ache to reach the blue light. The screen of blankness, where you can watch something become nothing. A place you might return from.

And you knew that something was about to happen. I’m not sure how you did, you just did. The saliva at the back of your throat. The hair on the back of your neck. You were ready, to go deeper.

Enter a state of Presence.

Enter Arcade Amerikana.

You have felt it before.


To enter Arcade Amerikana you will enter the Performance Cube, a room in which all four walls are projector screens stretching 40 feet long and 20 feet wide. Audience members move freely in the cube amongst performers. A live DJ mixes original score in surround sound, immersive projection mapping creates an ever shifting world, and moving lights generate a club-like atmosphere.

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Industry City

51 35th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11232

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