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About Tamra Wasserman

When Tamra Wasserman fails to get cast in her high school production of Anything Goes, she suspects her exceptional talents are being intentionally and maliciously ignored by her fascist theater teacher. A surprise rejection from NYU further disrupts her plans, and Tamra has no choice but to fight back with the only weapon she has: her art. The scorned young woman takes it upon herself to single-handedly write, direct, produce and star in the world's most innovative, groundbreaking and deeply personal play, "Tamra Wasserman: This is Real, This is Me." Part autobiographical, part experimental, and every bit unwarranted, Tamra’s life hilariously unfolds before our eyes, as she and her friends take us on the journey of a lifetime. That is, until things don’t go according to plan…

Run Time

90 minutes

Start Date

End Date



The PIT - The Striker Theater

123 East 24th Street, New York, NY 10010

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