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Discount New York Comedy Shows

There are 46 Discount New York Comedy Shows. Judy Garland & Company! is the best deal at 83 percent off. Gas Station Horror is selling for as low as $5.

Greenwich Village Comedy Club presents a lineup full of our Top Headliners.
Gas Station Horror is a monthly, high-energy improv show that turns terrible horror movies into excellent comedy.
The authentically hilarious, surprisingly heartfelt and completely unauthorized parody of the hit TV show, “Scandal”.
Every month, CPT presents brilliant performers from late-night TV and beyond for a night of improv and standup.
Join Recent Cutbacks (Next Day Thrones, Hold On To Your Butts) for their new series parodying your latest TV and pop culture obsessions!
Broadway Comedy Club presents a lineup of the best comedians from New York City with special guests from all across the country.
Fun for whole family! Hilarious interactive sketch and musical comedy totally improvised based on audience suggestions and participation.
Starring Peter Mac as Judy Garland and EVERY Other Hollywood Diva!
"Nevertheless She Existed: the Women They Don't Want You to Know About" is the shameless feminist party you've been waiting for.
8 of the best comedians create a new sketch show in 1 week then improvise sketches based on your suggestions!
An Adult Swim version of Pee-wee’s Playhouse meets The Dean Martin Show… on meth!
WrestleMania meets Debate Club.
The filthiest show you'll ever be a part of
Gunfire. Explosions. Heartbreak.
Sketch Comedy at a fifth-grade reading level. Grim as hell. Silly as f**k.
Join the Exuberants improv comedy troupe for an unforgettable evening spent celebrating your greatest achievements onstage!
See Krystyna Hutchinson and more in an exclusive EastVille show with no drink minimum.
For The Love Of asks how much you're willing to sacrifice - or lose - in order to follow your heart.
The PIT's longest running team, The Baldwins, perform their signature brand of long form improv comedy at 8pm every Saturday night.
A new type of show, featuring some of the best vocalists in New York and World-class improvisors, where a new musical is created each night!
Join our diner denizens and the unlucky stiffs who serve them as they teeter on the edge of a catastrophe determined by you, the audience.
An unlikely hero shrunk down to the size of a bug, learns big lessons about life, our planet, caring for others and saving the bees.
New Stories Each Month! “A Master Storyteller!”-The New York Times. “The King of Kimono Comedy!”-Reuters.
See Hari Kondabolu and friends in an exclusive EastVille show with no drink minimum.
Based on your suggestion, two comedians create a hilarious musical bringing to life an entire town and all the people who live there.
The Main Stage Show combines interactive improv sets with hilarious, topical sketches that are sure to leave audiences clamoring for more.
As seen on Conan, America’s Got Talent, Last Comic Standing, and The Illusionoists
The stand-up show featuring the best LGBTQ comedians in NYC!
An outlandish comedy adventure from actor, creator, and dancer, Jordon Waters!
Sugar, spice, and everything nice - plus a heaping dose of Chemical X!
A show straight from the mouths and minds of the funniest, most daring, most experienced people in comedy: the women that have seen it all.
Nothing says NYC like a comedy show in the Village!
Juli takes on monogamy, intimacy, loneliness, sex deprivation, and other impossibilities of marriage.
Exuberants Improv Comedy Team turns your basic living room conversation in a wild, hilarious comedy show.
Join us on our very own little slice of the Hellmouth.
We take the news, and tweak it, to imagine what the world might look like. It's the news, but better.
See Corinne Fisher and more in an exclusive EastVille show with no drink minimum.
Get the authentic NYC stand up comedy experience at New York Comedy Club!
Relive Joey Rinaldi’s most embarrassing moments with him in his solo show Story Time with Joey Rinaldi.
Plug the holes in your sex education through hilarious exploratory deep dives into sexual topics and a fantastic line-up of storytellers.
Always wild, always funny, and never like the ordinary, Centralia is a must-see improv experience.
The bi-coastal phenomenon just keeps rolling. Like Thunderdome of insult comedy, two comedians enter, one leaves hilariously humiliated.
Join Janeane Garofalo and friends for a night of stand up comedy!
A rotating line up of NYC's best stand-ups, every Sunday at The PIT!
See Jo Firestone and more in an exclusive EastVille show with no drink minimum.
See Christian Finnegan and more in an exclusive EastVille show with no drink minimum.

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Average discount for New York Comedy Shows is 44%. Some shows offer lotteries and rush tickets. Rush tickets can be accessed via the TodayTix app.

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