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Cheap New York Plays Upcoming

There are 25 Cheap New York Plays Upcoming. Judy Garland & Company! is the best deal at 78 percent off. Big Tits Energy is selling for as low as $8.

An absurdist gender-bending farce that artfully illustrates our current selfie society’s relationship with consumerism and modern technology
In this intensely personal and timely show, Robin puts on her detective hat to investigate what happened in 1953.
A tragicomic solo show of a few not-so-tall tales.
Lesli Margherita, Lucas Steele, Ann Harada and more lead a star-studded cast in the must-see show of the winter. Face it. You wanna know.
Indoor Person is a tragicomedy about Addie and Cleo, a modern-day high-functioning agoraphobe and the one who tries to keep her afloat.
"Birthday in the Bronx" is a Nuyorican identity crisis in vignettes, where shades of existence are radical resilience.
COOP by Sam Max explores the cost of freedom and the vulnerable experience of being queer and gender non-conforming.
World traveler Martin Dockery takes us on an epically joyous and tragic journey in this true tale about love, loss, and monarch butterflies.
Chasing the River is about survival, second chances, and learning to bet on yourself.
See the hilarious, award-winning, one-woman show that inspired the BBC’s hit TV series "Fleabag," recorded live from London’s West End.
Smart, funny, timely and only slightly irreverent.
The elite Canine anti-terrorism squad is recruiting. Only one dog can earn the right to serve and protect.
An intimate circle of mourners unearth the secrets of their executed madam at her clandestine wake in Dublin, 1762, as a riot rages without.
12 American Stories About the Cost of Staying Alive
A Southern Fairytale artfully illuminates the challenges facing a young, gay Christian growing up in the Deep South.
A show about a woman with big breasts and her obsession with Dolly Parton.
EVE, a new play by Caitlin Cimino, tells the story of Adam and Eve—the real story—the one that didn’t and couldn’t get written down.
Two brothers and their sister-in-law recount the loss of a family member, the week after an accident.
Juli takes on monogamy, intimacy, loneliness, sex deprivation, and other impossibilities of marriage.
Actors perform a re-enactment of one woman's deportation case directly from court transcripts.
Shakespeare's timeless classic about unrequited love, mistaken identity and gender, featuring original live music!
Starring Peter Mac as Judy Garland and EVERY Other Hollywood Diva!
Three generations of women. Their lives play out simultaneously. For each, the chaos of what has come before brings a painful legacy.
Joan of Arc like you've never seen before. The hero tells her story in Shakespeare's own words.
Jaxx & Lolo explores the redemptive power of an unusual friendship as Lolo battles the threat of Jaxx's suicide.

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Average discount for New York Plays Upcoming is 32%. Some shows offer lotteries and rush tickets. Rush tickets can be accessed via the TodayTix app.

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