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Staff Picks

These are the shows we're loving right now.

Who can you trust for recommendations more than your friendly neighborhood TodayTix employees? We see a lot of theater, and here's what we're raving about the most.

Come From Away on Broadway

"'Come From Away' taught me the true meaning of “showing up.” This is not only a story that deserves to be told, it needs to be told." Cory

Moulin Rouge! on Broadway

"What ensues is a parade of eye-gasms from the extravagant set to the fierce choreo that can only be rivaled by a Beyoncé concert." Ali

Beetlejuice on Broadway

"'Beetlejuice' is hands down my favorite show of this year! Sophia Anne Caruso, who plays Lydia, is mesmerizing." Steph

Wicked on Broadway

"This show opened 15 years ago but is still as popular as ever — and its message about good versus evil is hauntingly clairvoyant." Marc

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Parts One and Two

"The movement by Steven Hoggett set to sweeping compositions by Imogen Heap brought the wizarding world to life in a whole new way." Violet

Grand Horizons on Broadway

"Grand Horizons' taught me to always love my family, my friends, and myself." Sam

The Book of Mormon on Broadway

"It's the funniest thing I've ever seen. Everyone I've ever taken — Grandma included! — loves it." Abby

Mean Girls on Broadway

"It's an all-around musical-ized version of the high school experience that’s equal parts scary, endearing, and hilarious." Geri