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Yes and...Improv in NYC

What is improv comedy? Think of those many nights you spend watching reruns of "Whose Line is it Anyway?" It's like that, but in person, and you get to play Drew Carey yelling out prompts.

Celebrate Comedy Month with TodayTix and explore the best improv in NYC.

On The Spot

A new type of show, featuring some of the best vocalists in New York and World-class improvisors, where a new musical is created each night!


Fun for whole family! Hilarious interactive sketch and musical comedy totally improvised based on audience suggestions and participation.

Improv Asylum Main Stage Show

The Main Stage Show combines interactive improv sets with hilarious, topical sketches that are sure to leave audiences clamoring for more.

Improvised Buffy

Join us on our very own little slice of the Hellmouth.

Sunday Night Improv

The "jam," which began in 1993, mixes and matches experienced improvisers from a wide variety of successful New York City improv troupes.

Your Life: Improvised!

Join the Exuberants improv comedy troupe for an unforgettable evening spent celebrating your greatest achievements onstage!


The filthiest show you'll ever be a part of.

The Hustle Showcase

NYC’s best and brightest comedic troupes come together and get twenty to be funny.

The Baldwins

The PIT's longest running team, The Baldwins, perform their signature brand of long form improv comedy at 8pm every Saturday night.

The Breakdown with Boris Khaykin

Join comedian Boris Khaykin and his sidekick Uncle Jawnee Conroy every month at The Red Room at KGB Bar in the East Village.

LMAO Improv at LOL Times Square Comedy

A hilarious improvised musical comedy based on audience suggestions and participation.