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These shows will take you across the sea to far-flung corners of the world, plane ticket not required.

Take a trip to Russia, England, Africa, and beyond while staying right here in the city.


From Imperial Russia to euphoric Paris, Anastasia is determined to find out about her past and find where she belongs.


Travel to the mystical Middle East—filled with magic, adventure, and timeless romance.

The Lion King

The wilderness of Africa calls. The skeptical royal heir, Simba, must find it within himself to take his rightful seat.

The Band's Visit

Visit a remote village in the middle of the Israeli desert alongside a lost Egyptian police band.

Once On This Island

The Caribbean island is alive with rhythm and dance. Travel with Ti Moune as she reunites with the boy who has captured her heart.

Sweeney Todd

You'll find a highly specialized barber on Fleet Street in London.

Come From Away

Get stranded in Newfoundland with 7,000 other passengers.